Poem: Between

This is something I wrote a few years ago, and posted on one of my old blogs. I was reminded of it today, first by a conversation with my therapist about the divinity of Christ, then again by a friend’s comment on my Facebook page. It’s not great poetry, but I still like the feelings and ideas behind it.



Truth lies in the Between
not in the particles of space
not in the grains of time
not in any of them
not even in all of them together.
Truth (or Existence or Being or God) lies in the Between
Can’t have the Between without that which it is between
But the Between is not either thing that it is between
Balance can’t be at either weight
Balance needs both weights but it is not both weights or either one

The clock moves. Time does not move.
People move. Space does not move.
Our thoughts/feelings/lives move. Existence does not move.
Time is.
Space is.
Existence is.
Religion moves. Faith moves. God does not move.
God is.
I do not move.
If movement then not I.

I am broken.
All is whole.
I am whole.
I am in the balance between broken and whole.
I am the balance.

Without brokenness I am incomplete.
Without wholeness I am incomplete.
It’s not a mix.
It’s both/and simultaneously with neither/nor.

I am both and I am neither.

Both what? Neither what?  NO!  It’s
the abstract, ideal Both;
the abstract, ideal Neither.

Truth is not the opposite of falsehood.
If there are opposites neither can be Truth.
Truth is in the Between.
It’s not the grains of time or the particles of space,
it’s what’s between them.
That’s where Truth is.

Between is not a place, not a time.
Then it would be a particle or a grain.
Between exists but only when you know what “exists” means.

I can only be if I rise above being.
Being is in a place, at a time.
To truly be is to transcend space and time.

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