Strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and technology. Since Work together the easy way with our all-new version 3 at. As of February 4, , 37signals is now Basecamp! Basecamp logo. Looking for Basecamp or Campfire? Click here! Basecamp 3 is all-new for Я не пользуюсь продуктами 37signal и книги Getting Real мне хватило, чтобы понять их точку зрения, но на GR все как-то активно читают/читали Rework.

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It’s what you say to your friends over lunch.

Wabi-sabi values character and uniqueness over a shiny facade. If it’s still important then why come out against it like it’s some kind of a disease. See all 6 questions about Rework…. It’s also for developers, marketing people, accountants, pretty much anyone who wants to get things done in an efficient manner. You can hire your way out of that feeling or you can learn your way out of it.

If you want to do something, you’ve got to do it now. Structurally, however, this book suffers from the same issues I’ve seen in a lot of blog-to-book deals: People are hungry for advice and seek it from those they consider brilliant, and what higher proof of brilliance is there than success in the market?

I found this to be an interesting albeit quick read. Quite SaaSish point of view. Last Thursday, November 9th, Basecamp 3 was in read-only mode for almost five hours starting 7: View all 17 comments. Interruption is the enemy of the productivity.


Reports no one reads, diagrams no one looks at, and specs that never resemble the finished product. Just shut up and get to work.

One downing not one updoing. I definitely liked the energy and theme here, but I was annoyed by the slapdash way these blog posts were put together without any thought to going deeper into these issues.

Return to Book Page. There are not a lot of other companies cited. Make short lists to avoid feeling overwhelmed. That doesn’t mean this book is unnecessary. So much of his message about patience and perseverance is completely in line with how I view the world.

As of February 4, 2014, 37signals is now Basecamp!

This book points that out, but then on the other hand, they were leading the charge down their chosen road. This is one of those books where I agree with the general message but don’t necessarily like the delivery. Rework follows the format of a 37signsls of these books, which alternates extremely short 37sihnals with crude page-sized art.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are two shortcomings of this book. I don’t think there is just one road to success.

View all 4 comments. Thanks for telling us about the problem. You can set up a rule at work that half the day is 37aignals aside for alone time.

Rework by Jason Fried

When I finished it, I still have the same feeling. It can be a bit too much to digest for a reader but don’t worry you can always re-read it as it’s not such a long book.


Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. They may even wind up liking the change more than the old way, once they get used to it. People will respect you more if you are open, honest, public, and responsive during a crisis.

What is worse is that the book doesn’t offer that distinction, it actually states very clearly that this book is for anyone who started a business, wants to start a business, or even working in a job they hate.

Apr 27, Reem Mukbel rated it really liked it. Hire managers of 1 — self-directed people who can set their own goals and reach them without help. It reads like the authors basically cobbled together a bunch of blog posts and decided, voila!

But look at me! It teaches that cracks and scratches in things should be embraced. Rework is quick and easy to read, which speaks to the philosophy the book is shilling: Faster read than Lean Startup. The company 37signals was originally named after the 37 radio telescope signals identified by astronomer Paul Horowitz as potential messages from extraterrestrial intelligence.