.. Dit aanvraagformulier is ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands. spouse. invalidity benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA benefits). when you receive a ZW-, WAZ-, WAO-, WIA- or WAJONG benefit. Please check C. Do you have a diploma from one of the.

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You will be given asylum. This may be your own declaration or a declaration from a third party.

You only have to fill in this declaration if you the applicant are 12 years of age or older. You can make an appointment with the Municipal Health Service GGD in the region where you are staying visit for more information. How to fill in this form Fill in one form for each person for whom an application is being submitted.

You may enter the Netherlands with a valid MVV.

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Family benefits Information about health insurance country. A sticker will be affixed to this document and a copy will be made of it. Visa options for Sporting Events Visa information While this fact sheet provides an outline of the most common visa options for those travelling to Australia to participate in a sporting event, please. If you are coming from overseas to work in Scotland, and you live here legally, this.

If you are coming from overseas to work in Scotland, and you live here legally, this More information. Update European More information. If you or your sponsor has an employment agreement which is valid for a period of at least 1 year at the time of submitting your application; or If you the foreign national will perform activities as an employee in the context of an EU action programme or an international agreement to which the Netherlands is a party Your current employment agreement s ; The Appendix Employer s Declaration filled in completely and signed not older than 3 months ; Pay slips over the past 3 months.

Questionnaires on introducing the European Wis Card for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides and estate agents aanvraagflrmulier competent authorities and other interested More information. Application for a residence permit for a long-term third country national from outside the EU foreign national Read the explanation before you start to fill out the form.


Copies of all the pages containing the identification details of your minor child s Dutch passport or aanvraagfornulier card. An original extract not a copy from the Municipal Administration GBA showing the home address and composition of your host family the sponsor. Would you like to enable a family-member or relative to come to the Netherlands?

For each situation, an indication is given as to whether or not you are exempt from the MVV requirement.

At the time the child was born, the child s father was living in the Netherlands and his father s father or mother was living in the Netherlands when he was born himself; or At the time the child was born, the child s mother was living in the Netherlands and her mother s father or mother was living in the Netherlands when she was born herself. There are a variety of issues you will need to be aware of aanvraagformilier you plan to drive in Ireland on your return.

I am unmarried, and of age. Please answer the questions in dark blue and return electronically to Lesley Starkes, Finance More information.

You must accompany your application with as much information as possible. The IND verifies these documents and makes copies of them, after which the IND will return all original documents to you.

Or do you have More information. This certificate may not be older than 1 month. If several doctors are in charge of your treatment, each doctor must fill in and sign a separate Appendix; Aanvraagformulier Medical Information Disclosure Consent Form filled in completely and signed by you. Only if there are special and individual circumstances will you possibly be able to obtain a residence permit without aanvrazgformulier MVV.

You can More information. Evidence showing the family relationship between you and your minor child, e. The Act imposes foreign exchange restrictions, i. The passport photo will be placed on a chip on the residence permit. If you want to be awarded points in the system of points, please also submit the following where possible: Accompany your application with as wja pieces of evidence as possible.


A copy of the certificate of registered partnership. If your sponsor is not registered at the Municipal Administration GBAyou must accompany your application by evidence showing that your sponsor s main residence is in the Netherlands Copies of all the pages containing the identification details of your sponsor s Dutch passport or identity card. The IND may verify the correctness of the enclosed wage, employment and benefit details at another wiia agency e. The IND does this to establish whether you qualify for an asylum residence permit.

Please place your colour passport photo and your signature on this Photo Card. I have never been sentenced to aanvraagofrmulier term of imprisonment – nor have I received a custodial order – for committing a crime; I have never been sentenced to perform unpaid work for the benefit of the general public or to perform community service for committing a crime; I have never received an unconditional fine for committing a crime; I have never accepted an out-of-court settlement for committing a crime; I have never received a punishment order for committing a crime; I am currently not involved in criminal proceedings for committing a crime; I have never been responsible for one of the following categories of acts as referred to in Article 1F of the Convention on Refugees of Working during your studies Can I work?

In this assessment, the following factors may be included: For the purpose of assessing whether the Netherlands is the most appropriate country of residence for you, it is important that your ties with the Netherlands are stronger than your ties with your country of origin. Documents showing the family relationship: Proof of your income, see Appendix Proof of Income ; A copy of a document issued by the Dutch authority competent in this matter showing that you are qualified to practise a profession or operate a business; A copy of your business plan, including the following information: