: Blood Prophecy: A Drake Chronicles novel (The Drake Chronicles) (): Alyxandra Harvey: Books. As the numerous vampire tribes gather for the Blood Moon, an important vampire ceremony, Lucy and the Drake brothers could not help but. Blood Moon By Alyxandra Harvey – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Maybe it’ll be as good as the previous four were. I am also afraid of the outcome to all this I mean everyone has a cell phone. Nicholas is going to have to make a difficult choice: I really wanted to skim every time the story switched to them. Bleeding Hearts Drake Chronicles. And then beat yourself up for not having read it sooner. There was so much action, and all of the characters were present.

: Blood Moon (The Drake Chronicles) (): Alyxandra Harvey: Books

Jane of Air by Jessica Penot November 2, She is also having guilt trips over the fact that her cousin was left for dead and then changed into a vampire by a rogue vampire. Blood Moon is book 5 of 6.

I finally found out what was going on with her, but it would have been much more effective had that been disclosed earlier in the novel. This book is narrated by Lucy, Nicholas and Solange. Instead we don’t get the why until I had turned against her and I have never warmed to her again since.


So now she has harvy up with him because she feels bad about it and thinks it is the best way to handle things. Not to say that I didn’ 4. Well, not the rest. Harvey’s ability to create fully fleshed out characters that actually interact with one another.

Refresh and try again. The novel was also far too short and thus so small in face of the big cliffhanger. I’d like a short story on Spencer just aluxandra get his perspective as a newbie and well-informed individual on what’s going down.

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I really felt sorry for Lucy, Nicholas, Kieran and all the Drakes in this book as everything changes for the worst and I am not sure the Drakes and extended family will ever be the same again. Okay, now I got that out of the way See all 34 reviews.

I mean, yes, Lucy and Nicholas still think about each other constantly, but the constant near-death experiences kind of take precedence.

Blood Moon ends on another cliff-hanger which is torturous as we have to wait so long for the last book. Never mind prophecies and bounty hunters, she was the one who’d really turned my life upside down So there is a lot of chaos in this book between the drama of Solonge, humans and vampires both being kidnapped, new more dangers huntsman in town, etc.


Nicholas also seemed to go through a joon change in the end of the book but not on the same level as Solange.

The first thing I dislike is Solange, the vampire princess, she changes from an okay-character into a selfish and stupid girl that I want to throw the book across the room. I mean they were a couple for four books although in Bleeding Hearts things seemed not to be going well between them. I really don’t feel that this is the best book in the series and I was a little disappointed, but I still enjoyed it enough to want to get right in to seeing how the series will end.

In a surprising but necessary turn of events, Blood Moon is dark, dark, dark; Harvey proves that her characters are more than just love-sick teenagers and Buffy-esque heroines.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. There weren’t enough unresolved plot threads already.