The Survivors Series is currently out of print. But you can read the first three books in the series for free on Wattpad. Come visit. Have more questions? Fill out the. The Survivors was published on March 28, by The idea for the series came to life in June while Havard was driving. Buy The Survivors by Amanda Havard (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The story itself is written perfectly.

There ahvard no discussion topics on this book yet. I fell hopelessly in love with Cole Hardwick. One woman who dared to ask questions, who dared to want more, even if that meant finding the key to her own mortality.

After reading very little about Havard, I found she is a “fashion nut”. Though The Survivors doesn’t go into details about the Salem Witch trials, the characters that emerge in this book are children who accused of being witches and driven out of their village a couple weeks after the trail was over. I went into the story mostly blind. Every emotion that Sadie will feel–confliction, anticipation, love, fear? Such descriptions are sprinkled throughout the book and it is obnoxious.

The Survivors (The Survivors, #1) by Amanda Havard

And yes, you will yell at her. What if one of them ended up leaving and tried to make it as a human in the 21st century? Interview with Amanda HavardApril 26, Mar 29, Sarai rated it liked it Shelves: Most books avoid anything like that javard i like to read that someone in our world listen to a Katy Perry song that i know survivkrs. Sadie goes off on a mission to discover the history of the immortals. This book however, had it all love, mythology, magic, action, mystery, and travel.


Everett Winters is just… Swoon Worthy.

The Survivors

Though they’re deemed “out casts” or aren’t considered real in the human world, they all live within in their own family groups trying to blend into a world they’ve never been accepted into, with little to no human contact for the most part. It just didn’t feel right. Amaanda never read the Twilight books, but even I could see the correlation from 50 pages away.

Their skin is cold and smooth like silver. The second single written for the series was co-written by Havard and Walker and havarx “Breaking”. Oh, except Sadie doesn’t want to live. The plot-line was predictable. Having to follow the ideas of – If this creature has a child with this creature it creates one thing, if it has a havar with another creature it creates another, and if THAT child has a child it creates something else.

This being said, I did read this on the publisher’s app. Trying to get certain ones to open crashed the app on occasion.

No, I am not weird! The Survivors begins with a prologue set inthe tbe of the Salem Witch Trials. I also don’t care about descriptions of cars and their makers.

I still don’t know if I like him or not. I cannot wait to dive straight into book 2. From what I survivora would be another love story between a human and paranormal creature, grew into so much more with the addition of the Winters and the realization that there was far more to this world than what Sadie knew and believed to be true.


The Survivors 3 books. And the characters are around and they are not so light headed but still you can see a teen in them.

Determined to live in the outside world. Mar 09, Navem rated it really liked it. The idea I had about the book from the jacket blurb was far different from the reality! Jun 08, Mandi Kaye Ottaway rated it it was amazing Shelves: Don’t you love the cover?

I really did find myself saying, “vampires, really? The mystery of what Everett and his family are was jaw-dropping. Thank you Amanda Havard for breaking the mold! And it is only the beginning. This book has an interesting premise — some of the accused witches in the Salem Witch Trials were actually witches, as well as devout worshipers of God. However, after I read the novel description and learned there would be shape-shifters, witches and dangerous vampires, I sort of expected some action.

A few of the paranormals she meets are ones we are familier with, others are more unique and complex. Initially, I had a hard time connecting with Sadie. As for the story, while it plays around the creatures we see all the time it’s so different than that. But once Sadie meets the mysterious Winter family–Edward I wish the 2nd one was out already!