PDF | FPGA technology has been widely used for many application areas such as high throughput on-chip IO interfacing. One key factor for. AMBA AHB-Lite addresses the requirements of highperformance synthesizable . AMBA AHB-Lite protocol is designed for high-performance. AMBA AHB implements the features required for high-performance, high clock frequency systems Even though the arbitration protocol is fixed, any arbitration .

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AMBA is a solution for the blocks to interface with each other. An important aspect of a SoC is not only which components or blocks it houses, but also how they interconnect.

AXIthe third generation of AMBA interface defined in the AMBA 3 specification, is targeted at high performance, high clock frequency system designs and includes features that make it suitable for high speed sub-micrometer interconnect:.


The timing aspects and the voltage levels on the bus are not dictated lrotocol the specifications.

ARM AMBA 5 AHB Protocol Specification

This page was last edited aahb 28 Novemberat It is supported by ARM Limited with wide cross-industry participation. These protocols are today the de facto standard for embedded processor bus architectures because they are well documented and can be used without royalties. The AMBA specification defines an on-chip protcool standard for designing high-performance embedded microcontrollers.

It facilitates development of multi-processor designs with large numbers of controllers and peripherals with a bus architecture.

Technical and de facto standards for wired computer buses. Retrieved from ” https: This bus has an address and data phase similar to AHB, but a much reduced, low complexity signal list for example no bursts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ARM AMBA 5 AHB Protocol Specification

Since its inception, the scope of AMBA has, despite its name, gone far beyond microcontroller devices. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Interfaces are listed by their speed in the roughly ascending order, so the interface at the end of each section should be the fastest. This subset simplifies the design for a bus with a single master. A pprotocol transaction on the AHB consists of an address phase and a subsequent data phase without wait states: Access to the target device is controlled through a MUX non-tristatethereby admitting bus-access to one bus-master at a time.

Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture

APB is designed for low bandwidth control accesses, for example register interfaces on system peripherals. Views Read Edit View history. Computer buses System on a chip.