A amelogénese imperfeita constitui uma anomalia de desenvolvimento do esmalte, de carácter hereditário. A sua prevalência é de , podendo o esmalte. Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a congenital disorder that presents with a rare abnormal formation of the enamel or external layer of the crown of teeth. 19 jul. O objetivo deste artigo foi apresentar uma revisão de literatura sobre tratamento restaurador conservador na amelogênese imperfeita.

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Oral hygiene is often unsatisfactory owing to the irregularity of the tooth surface and sensitivity, contributing to a greater susceptibility to staining 8. The application in a single increment makes the procedure faster, which should be taken into consideration when treating patients with disabilities.

Effect of acid etching time on bond strength of an etch-and-rinse adhesive to primary tooth dentine affected by amelogenesis imperfecta. Moreover, this report demonstrates that the complex dental care impegfeita disabled patients can be performed in an outpatient environment.

A condition is considered X-linked if the mutated gene that causes amelogensse disorder is located on the X chromosome, one of the two sex chromosomes. The patient authorized publication of this case and written informed consent was obtained from this his parents.

Based on that, this study aims at describing the clinical case report of the dental treatment of a year-old patient affected by amelogenesis imperfecta and cerebral palsy.

Teeth 12, 22, 31, 32, 41 and 42 were also restored following amelogenesf same abovementioned steps.

Nephrocalcinosis is often asymptomatic but can progress during late childhood or early adulthood to impaired renal function e. Condition is of autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, or x-linked pattern. J Can Dent Assoc ; Estimates vary widely, from 1 in people in northern Sweden to 1 in 14, people in the United States.


Imperfeits choice of this protocol was based on sensitivity control and reduced clinical time, because the patient had attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and had no loss of vertical dimension.

Amelogenesis imperfecta – Wikipedia

O paciente com necessidades especiais na odontologia: Dental Anomalies in Children. The patient’s oral hygiene and diet should be controlled as well as they play a factor in the success of retaining future restorations. Phys Ther ; Only comments seeking to improve the quality and accuracy of information on the Orphanet website are accepted.

N Z Dent J ; According to the literature, the main sequelae in these patients, regardless of AI classification, are intense tooth sensitivity, poor aesthetics, risk of dental caries and decreased vertical dimension 9 Summary and related texts. Como citar este artigo.

Orphanet: Amelogenese imperfeita nefrocalcinose

SLC24A4 encodes a calcium transporter that mediates calcium transport to developing enamel during tooth development. Some AI patients can be bullied due to the aesthetic compromise caused by this condition. Through radiographs, it is possible to confirm the condition on both dentitions, which agrees with other reports on amelogenesis imperfecta The case shows that it is possible to perform complex dental care of disabled patients in an outpatient environment.

Acta Odontol Scand ; However, in the posterior teeth, the patient reported pain when ingesting cold or citrus foods and sensitivity level 8 on the visual analogue scale to classify tooth sensitivity asmild, moderate or severe, after application of an air jet at a distance of 10 cm, for about 2 s. Dyskeratosis congenita Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia EDA X-linked ichthyosis X-linked endothelial corneal dystrophy.

Amelogenesis imperfecta

After undergoing rehabilitation treatment, the patient is considered clinically healthy. In the preventive and early stages were performed dental prophylaxis, removal of dental calculus, topical fluoride application, oral hygiene instruction and sealing of the posterior teeth with adhesive.

Enamel synthesis or amelogenesis occurs by the activity of ameloblasts after dentin formation amelogenede.


A study of the dental treatment needs of children with disabilities in Melbourne Australia. Results After 7 days, 1 month, 2 months and 1 year of adhesive application, the patient was re-evaluated, and an adhesive layer was still covering tooth surfaces. Many factors are to be considered to decide on treatment options such as the classification and severity of AI, the patient’s social history, clinical findings etc.

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; Usually stainless steel crowns are used in children which may be replaced by porcelain once they reach adulthood. Hunter syndrome Purine—pyrimidine metabolism: The option was to use aversive techniques that restricted the movements of the patient.

It is imperative that she takes part in a program of periodic and preventive maintenance. Next, it was decided to cover the posterior teeth with glass ionomer and to reconstruct the anterior teeth with resin-based composite, using acetate crowns.

Thus, immediate desensitization using self-etching adhesives was proposed. It had an immediate effect, was effective and was a simple clinical option. The child attends an APAE school Association of Parents and Friends of Handicapped Peoplewhere she engages in physiotherapy, speech therapy, and psychopedagogical activities. Oral manifestations include yellow and misshaped teeth, delayed tooth eruption, and intrapulpal calcifications. Recent genetic studies suggest that the cause of a significant proportion of amelogenesis imperfecta cases remains to be discovered.

Revista Odontologica Bras Central ; Abstract The aim of this paper was to describe a clinical case of immediate dental desensitization using a self-etch adhesive system in an adolescent patient diagnosed with amelogenesis imperfecta AI.