Bandwidth Manager software manual covers topics from network configuration and sharing Internet connection to instructions and explaination how to create. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is a Windows PC gateway software which helps you control and limit Internet usage, including download and upload rate. access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Software includes statistics and reporting with many useful features. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Manual.

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Be sure that port 80 is free and not used by any other software. All client computers in the network will access to the Internet. If you prefer to edit pages managed Web page editing software Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc you can open these pages from c: However, you can configure sharing in different way – using hardware or third party software.

Antamedia HotSpot Manual

How to logout computer automatically after certain period of inac To proceed, customer need to type username and password and to press Login button. Enables specified computers identified by MAC address of network card to pass-through the Bandwidth Manager.

For more details please visit http: To make backup of database close Bandwidth Manager software and copy Database folder to some other location. What is Antamedia HotSpot software?


Which port needs to be opened for the Bandwidth Manager? To set Administrator password: SSL Certificate is used to encrypt communication between Antamedia HotSpot and customer browser when user pay for the account with bandwidtg credit card.

Pricing plans page allows creation of packages you will offer to your customers.

Specify how much Internet bandwidth computer can use per day. To make sure that you have correct certificate file, please open it and verify that it begins with: This way you can prevent access to porn, warez and other web sites kanual do not comply with your usage terms.

Main panel shows the most important details of connected computers: Make sure that correct path and name is written in certificate path. Online games, viruses, worms etc will not be able to generate undesired traffic.

If customer login to your HotSpot from Press ‘Generate code’ button This option allows fully automated process if you already use Antamedia Internet Caffe software in your cybercafe.

To uninstall Bandwidth Manager software completly from your computer close Bandwidth Manager software.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

This page will be recreated to support Express Checkout. If there is some time left on their account, it can be used some other time when customer comes in your cafe.


If your customer login to your HotSpot from Use it to enable automatic logout if client do not use Internet bandwidth for specified time period. Working with accounts is very easy.

For example if you want to reserve IPs in range These confirmations activate account and stores payment details in the database. There are antamrdia kind of passwords used to access Antamedia HotSpot software. Processing is completed faster but this option requires PayPal account with Payments Pro option enabled which is usually charged monthly by PayPal.

You can sell your services in advance and your customers are obliged to come back.

Knowledgebase : Manuals

If you have a license with credit card processing option, these plans will be available to customer for automated order. HotSpot will control traffic even if employee or administrator logoff. This bndwidth can be used when customer wants to. Auto start Bandwidth control. From field on left side select network connection used fo