Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the. Thus, along with the fact that so much GATP Some propose that GATP is located in APO because. SAP SCM APO – GATP – Global Available To Promise. The SAP SCM is one of the SAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an.

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Ways of Running Availability Checking There are several ways to run availability checking. So it is not always true that there is no purpose of forecast in MTO. This is where GATP presents the availability and receives commitments on requests from a customer, while the fulfillment of the request is performed by a supplier to the owner and maintainer of the GATP system.

As with availability checking, after the customer provides a confirmation on the commitment, it becomes a planned order and an allocation.

APO GATP – Global Available To Promise – Supply Chain Management (SCM) – SCN Wiki

However, in most cases, a single product usually has one checking horizon, and groups of products usually have the same checking horizon. There is no one right supply planning method for all situations, even within one company! See by clicking the image below: Rules-based availability checking allows the check to be performed with either substitutes of the same product at different locations or alternate PPMs.

Accepted number days early Consumption Limit: Know how to design the supply network for complex and non-standard workflows, such as planning locations that are external to the supply network. This is where the complexity of GATP really ratchets up, because there are so many options. GATP not only returns a confirmation on requested quantities and dates but gaatp different alternatives regarding when material might become available.

The first question that often arises in regards to GATP is how it is different from availability checking, which is a functionality that is very familiar to anyone who has worked in SD or sales order processing. The ATP quantity referenced during the product availability check is based on categories defined in Scope of Check. BOP, as referred to by SAP, list sales documents vatp for particular materials allowing for confirmation.


There are many other articles on GATP on this website, and in fact, this article links out to a number of these articles as it deals with various topics, but this article can be seen as the general introduction a;o broad overview to SAP GATP.

Production can be directly triggered through a CTP Check if the inventory is not available to satisfy an incoming demand. Basically, BOP consists of three steps: Over 10 million stories shared.

Introduction to SAP APO GATP

One of appo major differences between availability checking in SAP SD and in GATP is that GATP looks out across many different locations, comparing forecasted inventory positions with planned demand, and returning both a promise quantity and a location that will satisfy the demand. Third-party order processing is accomplished by setting up supplier profiles in GATP configuration, and then assigning products to these suppliers.

However, if implemented correctly, GATP can provide a significant advantage to your company. City, state, or zip code. I am glad to know the feedback. Four Characteristics of Check Modes The Check Modes are made up of four characteristics, although in most cases it is really three characteristics as rounding profiles are rarely used. A kit is a combination of items that are planned together, while a BOM is a series of co-planned items that result in a manufactured or assembled item.

An ordinary ATP check is restricted to the requested locationproduct and checks only the according timeseries. Easily apply 4 days ago – save job – more ATP begins to get particularly complex when it takes productive capacity into account because this becomes more involved apoo simply checking against planned inventory.

SAP APO GATP – Global Available to Promise – Exelop – Learning Courses

New products, production downtimes, and other factors lead to fluctuating demands, which can affect product supply. Ina true MTO environment, there is no forecast and no purpose for a forecast. GATP has a powerful set of functionality, and if implemented correctly, a company with ATP capability can gain great credibility with its customers.


A few reasons for the general opaqueness of the application include the following: This has the immediate effect of reducing planned capacity or planned inventory, or both. Production is either triggered for the full requirement quantity or partial requirement quantity depending on the available inventory. The basic idea of the multi-level ATP is to confirm a customer request if the components for the product are available in time i.

Aoo branched supply chain networks, rules-based ATP allows companies to take full advantage of multiple shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers.


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The Check Modes are made up of four characteristics, although in most cases it is really three characteristics as rounding profiles are rarely used. This horizon is entered in the ATP tab of the product location master. The requested delivery date is meant as the date when the material has to arrive at the customer site. However, because the real logic is maintained within the Check Mode, while the Business Zpo is necessary to populate, it is essentially an information field.

Sometimes Amazon is selected as a vendor, but often another supplier showcased on the site is selected. November 19, 5 minute read. GATP looks out across many locations, for gtp periods, and can also return with changed proposals. After selecting the return key, navigate to the ATP tab Figure 6. Here is the quote: Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. It provides overview of all the main functionalities of GATP.