A German Arado Ar seaplane, which was lost on February 28, , at a depth of about meters between Naxos and Ikaria islands in the Aegean Sea, . This page details the development and operational history of the Arado Ar Shipborn Reconnaissance Floatplane including technical specifications and. The Arado Ar aircraft of the German battleship Bismarck.

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Bismarck Arado Ar Aircraft

In addition to reconnaissance, the Arado also served a multitask role, including sea-rescues, coastal patrols, inserting agents behind enemy coastal lines, and even in combat situations. Navy pilots added just four more hours during testing and evaluation at the Naval Air Materiel Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Two more prototypes soon followed but these airplanes carried a single, large, central float and two small outrigger floats. After an evaluation period, the Arado design was selected with development beginning in These operations typify the Arado floatplane’s roles and capabilities.

With the exception of the Arado low-wing monoplane design, all were conventional biplanes.

The final and definitive version was the Ar A For further updates follow us on social media. The Arados projected the battlecruiser’s “eyes” hundreds of miles to look for prospective targets.

It quickly became clear that araso Arado would work effectively, and only four prototypes of the Fw 62 were built. It is now on display at the Paul E. This little plane enabled the capital ships to scout ahead at distances of over a few hundred kilometers, increasing the effectiveness of the raiding party. An interim type, the Heinkel Hehad poor water-handling characteristics and only slightly better performance in flight than the He The extended fuel tanks enabled the scout plane to remain in the air for up to four hours at a time, which for scout at196 was a more important factor than long range.


National Air and Space Museum: A nine cylinder BMW radial engine producing a high power output of hp also placed the Arado as the fastest in its class. Aircraft produced by Arado Flugzeugwerke. One of the Arados landed alongside the stricken sub and her captain surrendered to the pilot.

Arado Ar Shipborn Reconnaissance Floatplane – Nazi Germany

The single float withstood rough seas during a landing better than the twin floats because it attached directly to the fuselage, the strongest part of the airplane. The development, which produced four prototypes, tested two arrangements of floats. Arado Flugzeugwerke – Germany.

If the current government shutdown continues, we will be closed starting January 2. This entry’s maximum listed speed mph.

Arado Ar 196

More importantly, the Ar could field two lb bombs for when in the strike role. Arxdo fully equipped soldiers were carried in the fuselage. Biplanes, Triplanes, and Seaplanespg. Bulgaria; Nazi Germany; Romania. Sivertsen, Svein Carl ed. Also note the rudders attached at the rear of the floats. This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum.


Five similarly equipped B-0s were also delivered to land-based squadrons.

The Ar prototypes were all delivered in summerV1 which flew in May and V2 with twin floats as A models, and V3 and V4 on a single float as B models. In addition to the German Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, Romania and Bulgaria also used the aircraft in limited numbers. The plane proved to have only slightly better performance than the He 60, and its sea-handling was poor. After repairs, thirty-seven Arado Ar 96 aircraft fitted with Soviet radio equipment were integrated into the aviation element of the Soviet Border Guard.

It was obsolescent by the end of World War II but during the war, atado airplane served Germany well in all theaters of operation. The only stipulations were that it would use the BMWand they wanted prototypes in both twin-float and single-float configurations.

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