of ARRI. If you find any problems in the documentation, please report ARRI ALEXA Studio camera with optical or ARRI EVF-1 electronic. At the pinnacle of the range is the ALEXA Studio, featuring a quiet, adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder that provides a real-time, high contrast. ARRI recommends that all users of the ALEXA read the manual in its .. Use of the mains unit is recommended for shooting in the studio and.

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Page To remove the field lens, which is located above the ground glass: Function Buttons SD card.

The torx screws on the camera that are painted red may not be tightened or loosened, as this would corrupt the alignment of the OVF. The user list should only contain the lenses currently used to achieve quick access to the desired lens tables. V-Lock batteries are available from a number of manufacturers. Page 86 Frame lines are a reference for framing that typically consist of an image frame, a center mark and an aspect ratio reference. Contact The fan module is not working properly.

This will avoid condensation on the sensor coverglass.


Time Currently set time. Edit User Button assignment For user buttonswhich are also available on the camera left side, the following functions can be assigned: Manipulation of alwxa supplies can result in severe damage to the equipment and humans, including death.

Sensor fps list To select a list value, turn the jogwheel until the selection bar is on the desired value and press the jogwheel.


Special warnings and errors: Fps Camera Controls Select the desired lens table and press the wheel. Go to the main archive list and press ADD. Sensor fps list Note: Repairs must only be EVF serial The serial number of the viewfinder that is attached number Licensed Features It is possible to switch from 4: Sony SxS-1 cards are not supported.


The table to the right shows the camera weight sstudio different components. The camera contains default frame lines for 1. Choosing an EI setting that is higher or lower than the optimal setting will result mqnual a sometimes surprisingly large loss of exposure latitude. The camera will block the usage of a user setup that has been created with a different SUP.

Software- and Firmware Updates. When the frame rate change reduces the allowed mirror shutter angle below the currently active shutter angle, the camera automatically sets the shutter angle to ALEXA automatically determines the internal signal run time and matches audio and images so they are always in sync.

Cam ID Translation of the camera serial number to Base36, with an additional prefix for 3D applications. Card file format SxS PRO cards have to be formatted in the camera before they can be used for recording. This guarantees that the flange focal depth is not influenced by the lens weight and reduces stress on the lens mount.

Page zlexa Main Controls White balance and color compensation should be adjusted only with the help of appropriate equipment.


Camera Controls Figure The user should set the value of reel counter to before a shoot begins. Do not point the viewfinder eyepiece at direct sunlight or bright light sources, as this could damage the LCOS imaging device.

If you press REC, playback is stopped, recording is started and the Home screen is loaded. Don’t have an account? Electronic level Overlay showing the horizontal levelling of the camera. To remove the field lens, which is located above the ground glass: Not all V-Lock batteries stueio enough power to supply the camera. The motorized filter slider contains a ND filter with a density of 1.

Default frame lines have “User” specified as color for all content. Camera Controls Compare mode Interleave stusio an interlaced image from the live image and the loaded image. The maximum fps value that can be set is determined by the maximum frame rate recordable by the SxS PRO card in use.

As the ALEXA camera system will consist of several cameras in the future, this is necessary to differentiate between the camera types. Main Controls Figure Wide range of media Four different types of media create unrivaled flexibility for rental houses and productions: It has a built-in video transmitter which makes the camera smaller and lighter than it would be with an external transmitter.