Used ARTHROCARE Electrothermal Arthroscopy System For Sale – DOTmed Listing # Specifications: Year of Manufacture. YOM: Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered exactly the way it is displayed on the accompanying photos. Dimensions: 62 x 48 x (H) cm / with opened table x 48 x (H) Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered.

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In ArthroCare completed a pair of significant acquisitions. Surgeons were given a chance to use the product for free on surgeries they already had scheduled. To build on its direct sales efforts in the sports medicine field, it acquired Atlantech Medical Devices, Ltd. But the company had now reached a crossroads in its history; management had to determine the best way to take the company to the next level, whether to sell the business to a giant rival or commit the necessary funds to augment the company’s infrastructure to support continued growth.

Thus when Thapliyal and Eggers incorporated their new company in April they called it ArthroCare Corporation, originally based in Sunnyvale, California. The two sides settled in July with Ethicon agreeing to license some of ArthroCare’s technology.

But an accidental discovery changed the direction their start-up company would take. Sales continued to mount and new markets were beginning to open up, but to achieve the kind of growth its founders envisioned it was time to bring in a more seasoned executive to take the business to the next stage in its development.

The balance sheet also was adversely impacted by the unexpected write-off of inventory. Previously, ArthroCare relied on suppliers who did subassembly in Mexico. In ArthroCare had completed the development of a commercial product using Coblation technology.


The unit also represents the company’s cosmetic surgery product line, which offers a wrinkle-reducing procedure that rivals laser techniques. The initial marketing approach was simple yet effective: About six months after Baker took over, ArthroCare forged a partnership with Boston Scientific to develop a Coblation system suitable for cardiac surgery. Archon Corporation Arthur J.

ArthroCare System 2000 Arthroscopic Electrosurgery Electrosurgical Controller

A graduate of West Point with an M. Type the code shown: Other articles you might like: But arthroczre were being raised about ArthroCare possibly inflating its numbers, due to the company’s policy of booking all licensing and royalty fees from 20000 contracts at the time of signing. In early ArthroCare received FDA approval for its method of facial resurfacing, that is, wrinkle reducing. Thapliyal served as the company’s initial president and chief executive officer.

Reeves, Amy, “ArthroCare Corp. Although tissue was clearly being removed, they could find no evidence of burned edges.

ArthroCare was founded in by Hira V. In ArthroCare received approval to use Coblation technology to remove tonsils, opening up yet another source of revenues. In the end, the decision was to remain independent. ArthroCare then formed an alliance with medical device company Inamed Corp.

When Thapliyal and Eggers began working together their goal was to find a way to use electrosurgical energy to unblock arthroxare arteries. ArthroCare also became active on the acquisitions front in the early s. Primary reasons for the arthricare was the hiring of a sales force to free the company from its dependence on U.

In it sued Ethicon Inc. Based in Sunnyvale, California, ArthroCare Corporation is a medical device company, relying mostly on its patented Coblation technology. Sports medicine was one of the early users of the product, since athletes undergoing arthroscopic surgery could reduce their recovery times and be back in action much quicker and with less pain.


Already the Coblation device was being used in more than 10 percent of all arthroscopic rotator cuff procedures done on shoulders in the United States.

ArthroCare continued to build research partnerships with other companies. Fourteen months later Thapliyal retired as CTO, turning his attention to other projects. Close to controllers were installed and more than 40, disposable wands were shipped.

Finally, the Coblation business unit looks to develop new devices for laparoscopic and general surgical procedures. Instead they decided to look for surgical applications in which precision was a major selling point and settled on arthroscopic joint surgery. The company’s first sales are recorded.

Entec Arthrocare System

Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information arthroczre this topic: Also inthe company introduced Arthrocwre Nucleoplasty to treat herniated back discs by inserting a Coblation needle into the center of a bulging disc and removing some of the tissue, with the goal of returning the disc to its normal size and reducing the pressure on nerves that often caused patients severe leg pain.

In he cofounded Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, Inc. The procedure required local anesthesia only and could be done in less than an hour.