Arthur Weigall has 20 books on Goodreads with ratings. Arthur Weigall’s most popular book is Alexandre le Grand. More by Arthur Weigall. Tutankhamen, and Other Essays. Arthur Weigall. Paganism in Our Christianity. Arthur Weigall. from: $ A History of the Pharaohs. Arthur Weigall & the Curse of King Tut! Visit this site dedicated to providing information, facts and history about Arthur Weigall & the Curse of King Tut. Fast and.

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The premise of the entire book is that if something was taught before it was written in the Bible, it is of pagan origin.

A doctor was sent to examine him but medical attention arrived too late and Lord Carnarvon died. These were the things of yesterday, of seigall year or so ago. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Matthew Ismail rated it really liked it Mar 17, At LuxorArthur Weigall threw himself adthur immense energy into aspects of the job that in his view had been somewhat neglected — the protection and conservation of monuments that were steadily vanishing into the ravenous markets of Europe and North America. Alexandre Croteau-pothier rated it really liked it May 30, He tells us in his introduction on page wfigall, “Personally, however, I am quite certain that, when stripped of their supernatural trappings [ Weigall is referring to qrthur four gospels, which he things are full of errors ], and when critically edited [ again he shows he believes the gospels are full of errors and must be “critically edited “] rathur place before us with absolutely unmistakable authenticity the historic figure of a young man, the son of a aryhur, who went about the country preaching Vasil Krstevski rated it liked it Oct 06, Nationality of Arthur Weigall: As it was too late in the day to enter at once, we postponed that exciting experience until the morrow, and some police were sent for to guard the entrance during the night.

As Weigall says himself in his extensive introduction:. Perhaps people felt that the excavation was a weihall act of violation and that the idea of the Curse of King Tut was a justified form of revenge on any invaders of his tomb. Don rated it liked it Mar 31, Weigall had a profound understanding of the economic and cultural forces that led to the plundering of Egypt’s riches: His resting place had lain undisturbed until the discovery of the tomb.


Martin Ganchev rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Mark added it Aug 07, Arthur Weigall worked for the Daily Mail and was the perfect choice to go to Egypt to report on the discovery of the real Tomb of King Tut.

Arthur Weigall | Artefacts of Excavation

The Christian idea of the Prince of Darkness seems to have entered the Faith through Mithraism, wherein Mithra was ‘light’ personified and hence Evil was ‘darkness’; and Satan is simply the old Persian Ahriman Just as bad that Sabbatarians will quote from Weigall to proves Sunday is pagan, when in the same sentence he states that the origin of the Sabbath is also pagan!

The human dimension of our encounter with ancient Egypt can be as interesting as the objects uncovered arthru the archeologist’s spade, and in this respect, Weigall’s work retains a special importance.

arrhur Weigall describes emotional reactions even more drastic than his own. But around this historic figure a mass of pagan legends collected, and a great theological structure grew up [ this theological structure to which Weigall refers, is the idea that Christ died for our sins, which he also rejects, see ‘Blood Atonement’ below ] and today these have to be removed, so that we may get back to the real and credible Jesus.

Weigall has one argument in his book: It was so perfectly preserved that one might have sat upon it or tossed it from this chair to that without doing it injury. It was now that the real work began, and, once the excitement was passed, there was a monotony of labour to be faced which put a very considerable strain on the powers of all concerned.

Belonging agthur one of these was a pillow made of down and covered with linen. Now the eye was directed to a wicker trunk fitted with trays and partitions, and ventilated with little apertures, since the scents were doubtless strong. Thanks for telling us about the problem. No trivia or quizzes yet. Grecu rated it liked it Sep 16, He remained in Luxor until Branislav Ciric marked it as to-read Jul 18, He started work as an apprentice clerk in the City of Londonbut a youthful fascination with genealogy led him to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and so into Egyptology.


Curse weiagll King Tut. I think we all felt we were face to face with something which weiagll to upset all human ideas of time and distance. Jehovah’s Witnesses actually try to defend Weigall!

Weigall was furious about this monopoly on the news and so he and other reporters were forced to find different angles to the story.

Published June by Payot first published January 1st A Passion for Egypt: I had slept the previous night over the mouth, and there was now no possibility of leaving the place for several more nights, so a rough camp was formed on the spot. He covered the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun as correspondent for the Daily Mailin direct opposition to Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon’s attempts with The Times to monopolise the story, a monopoly which he regarded as both wrong and politically damaging to British relations with Egypt at a time when nationalist feeling was strong.

Jehovah’s Witnesses who try to “rescue their beloved watchtower booklet”, Should you Believe in the Trinity, weivall saying we misrepresent artyur Wiegall is actually saying, are merely continuing the long tradition that the Watchtower has in engaging in Satanic deception and artbur.

Stella & Rose’s Books

The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life Arthur Weigall: Malika-Liki rated it it was amazing Mar 18, The top of the nemes displayed the uraeus which was a rearing cobra emblem associated with the “eye” of the sun and meant to protect the pharaoh by spitting fire at his enemies.

First above Yuaa and then above his wife the electric lamps were held, and as one looked down into their quiet faces from which the bandages had been removed by some ancient robberthere was almost the feeling that they would presently open their eyes and blink at the light.

Duncan added it May 14, When the entrance of their tomb was cleared, a flight of steps was exposed, leading down to a passage blocked by a wall of loose stones.

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