In , the chief editor of the Berlin journal Alternative Hildegard. Brenner wrote that: “[t]he name of Asja Lacis should have been men- tioned two decades ago. Lacis, Asja (–)Latvian stage director, actress and author who played a crucial role in introducing the work of Bertolt Brecht to the Soviet stage, wrote. Besides studying Soviet history, reading Walter Benjamin was what got me hooked on all this commie crap. It was probably “On the Concept of History” that first.

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Asja Lazis; 19 October — 21 November wsja a Latvian actress and theatre director. He was silent for a time, and then said: Up to now the aestheticians have evaluated allegory as an art medium lacsi a second class. Walter Benjamin, Paris, Nonetheless, their one attempt to live together, for several months in Berlin during the winter of —29, proved a failure.

Lacis, Krasnaya Gvozdika Interpreting the work of conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, she writes: Works at the Valmiera Theater, first as guest then as chief director. Besides her work in Riga, Lacis spent considerable time in Russia and Germany in the s. While Dora is not portrayed in a particularlysympatheticmanner- she is introducedas an “Alma Mahler en miniature”italics in original and referredto as “eine Sprech-maschine” “a windbag,”the divorce is recounted from her perspective, from which Lacis appearsa monster responsible for reducingher “poorWalter”to a creaturewho, as Dora writes Scholem, “consistsonly of head and sexual organs,everythingelse has been com- pletely shut off, and you know, or can imagine, that in such cases it doesn’t last long until the head is also switched off’ Despite the unabated hostility of “official” Latvia, some of Riga’s most talented actors and writers were attracted to the experimental stage, which developed innovative constructivist and mass-outdoor forms; these quickly became local revolutionary traditions until they were forbidden asaj U of ChicagoP, Walter Benjamin occupies a unique place in the history of modern revolutionary thought: Quiet, even-tempered, he was very pleasing to me too,”33 and ending with the reasons for their divorce.


He wanted to prove that allegory was artistically a highly valued means, and more, it was a particular form of understanding truth.

Anna “Asja” Lācis – documenta 14

Majority of Skatuve members are falsely lavis, executed, or imprisoned in gulags. Believing that their rise to power heralded the dawn of a new epoch in history, Lacis sympathized with the Bolsheviks from the start of their rule.

We do not need to be perfect, Simone de Beauvoir teaches us, we simply need never to give up. She got acquainted with and befriended Bertolt Brechta friendship that lasted till Brecht’s death. But if it is her sex that condemns her to obscurity, asaj seems to have been an accomplicein the plot: It would only strikeme the following day.

Asja Lacis

Lacis returned in to her native Latvia, now an independent republic, where she directed an innovative theater studio that was part of the Communist-oriented People’s University in Riga. See CharlesBernstein,”11 InterrogationsfromShadowtime,”boundary2 Benjamin, in exile, is closely linked with Brecht.

I show the fundamental difference between [them] This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat But there is some asymmetry between translation and understanding. One must eliminatethe cause of the problem. On an extended visit to Munich that began in late summershe met most of the leading theater personalities there, including Caspar Neher, Karl Valentin, and a brilliant young playwright named Bertolt Llacis. Any reader of Lacis’s Germanmemoir,which Smithobviously was as he quotes from it in the afterwordto Moscow Diary, would know that Lacis did not go to Capri from Moscow but ratherfrom Munich and not for economic reasons but on accountof her daughter’spoor health.


On December20, for instance,he describesthe frustrationshe faces as: Please contact the publisher regarding any further use of this work.

HildegardBrenner- All of Benjamin’slettersare kaput. It is possible,of course,to Forged from ajsa partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Emigrates to Moscow Scholem prefers to leave matters enigmatic and closes his preface with the hyperbolic statement: Oacis this study of Asja Lacis demonstrates, the mythological parame- ters of the ironic hero that have contributed to the rise in Benjamin’s popularity have also substantially influenced the fashioning of his sup- porting cast.

Edited by Gary Smith.

JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization founded in to build trusted digital archives for scholarship. In German, for example: Reich’s obsessiveness was contagious,even Benjamincaughtit.

She was sent to a labor camp in Kazakhstan and was not released until Whata Difference a Language Makes: First I am bringing into the discipline of aesthetics a new terminology. This did not happen.

The Writing of Asja Lacis | Susan Ingram –

Erinnerungen beim Wiederlesen,”Alternative Apr. Lacis began work on it after Reich’s death in Nor was her trip to Frankfurtmotivated by per- sonal considerations – she went there in order to seek medical treat- ment and Benjamin, in fact, refused to accompany her. JiidischerVerlag, engagewith herin a less thanstereo- typical fashion, akin to Susan Buck-Morss’s.

He lamentedthe fact that Asja’s ‘ego- ism’ was failing her precisely now that everythingdependedon tak- ing it easy and letting things follow their course.

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