The Framework Agreement between the Philippine government and the the Bangsamoro that will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim. This paper explores the use of exemplars in news media to frame the Bangsamoro framework agreement. Exemplars are single examples used. Maffi as her friends call, manages the digital media platforms of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. She is bossy – not.

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The International Contact Group for the Southern Philippines Bangaamoro Process [4] worked to help the parties move towards the landmark agreements, the Framework Agreement and two years later Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoroputting an end to decades of conflict.

Aquino stated that structural reform is necessary, with the creation of Bangsamoro solving these issues while upholding national sovereignty.

Updated Friday, November 30, 7: Never again shall we allow that bridge to be undermined, weakened, or destroyed by the forces of greed, avarice, and envy. Use dmy dates from October All peoples in the Bangsamoro bangswmoro Filipino citizens. Then the communities involved must approve it by plebiscite. The people will decide frzmework they will join the Bangsamoro or not. The Transition Authority shall prepare for the transformation of the region agreemment the Bangsamoro.

Nevertheless, Article 17 of the Constitution allows any citizen to recommend ideas to amend the constitution through proper legal processes. Under the agreement, the following steps will be taken leading to the creation of the Bangsamoro by Their descendants, whether mixed or of full native blood, and their spouses also have the right to identify themselves as Bangsamoro.


The Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Constitution also states that whatever government is in the autonomous region, it shall always be under the supervision of the President. The Embassy of the United States. The Tripoli Areement. The commission shall draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law, including proposals to amend the Philippine Constitution if necessary.

Road map for peace: Highlights of the Bangsamoro framework agreement | News | GMA News Online

Dean Marvic Leonen, agreemment negotiator of hangsamoro government for talks with the MILF, has granted two major press briefings since the Framework Agreement was released on October 7, Part of a series on the. Ladies and gentlemen, for decades, Malaysia has been home to those who sought refuge from this conflict.

One person in this room never gave up hope. The MILF shall gradually decommission its armed forces, and transfer law enforcement to a civilian police force that will be accountable both to the central and Bangsamoro governments.

The Framework Agreement states: The latest news on the peace process with the MILF. However, these areas may opt not to join the Bangsamoro see FAQs. Liberal Party of the Philippines.

Inpoverty incidence in the region was at Through it, and among many other things, you may frameworm the following: This Framework Agreement [] is very clear in requiring a democratic framewok. A child in Lamitan will be offered the same education as a child in Quezon City; the sick of Patikul will gain access to the same healthcare as those in Pasig.

Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro

On 7 October, President Aquino announced that the two parties have agreed to sign a preliminary peace agreement which calls for the creation of an autonomous political entity named Bangsamorosuperseding the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao ARMM.


This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Are they going to be independent?

Voters will vote ffamework political parties, and the parties that win seats in the legislative body shall elect the head of the Bangsamoro.

The agreement was sealed at about The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, we are here to celebrate a victory for the Bangsamoro people and the Filipino nation that is shared by the international community and the Muslim world, the victory earned not by war but by that collective desire tempered by the inner nobility of human nature to restore justice and peace to a troubled land.

So I give my assurance to all the people of the Philippines—we will stand with you to make this agreement work. Far from the land of their ancestors. For Mindanao, there can be no more lost generations. The Bangsamoro shall have a ministerial form of government.

Philippines Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The Basic Law shall framesork for justice institutions that reflect the plurality and diversity of the communities in the region. It is not an Islamic state, but a secular government where the basic rights of all people will be protected.

Citizenship and naturalization f. ArabicEnglishFilipino. Member profiles of the government panel for talks with the MILF.