Now a lot of people call DIY bass absorbers DIY bass traps. I don’t subscribe to that vernacular because bass isn’t trapped by anything and I. Share. SAC. 12th October If using MDF, drill pilot holes as close to the size. DIY Bass traps, treatment etc With the mackies I would recommend to do alot of basstrapping because they have

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump diybassraps page: This is why DJing with vinyl means you spent more time with your records. SwenJul 18,in forum: With the mackies I would recommend to do alot of basstrapping because they have quite alot of low end.

We still see DJs today using vinyl and some clubs even set rules for encouraging DJing with vinyl. You may actually see, touch, hold and feel your records, which is something that cannot be done with the digital formats.

What do you guys use? DJ-ing with digital materials is easier and the portability is a great thing to consider. Your name or email address: We do know for sure that a Vinyl may surpass easily the duybasstraps years. You cannot get the love and warmth from a MP3 music, according to many DJs. Although I’m moving in September so maybe I’ll wait before I do it properly, maybe I can go skip raiding for now DIY cylindrical bass traps All times are GMT Bazstraps PeteDec 25, Sold by the foot.


To hang mine I used some decorative chain I picked up from the hardware store. And where to place them? There is all sorts of styles and a few colours, so that may work for you.

I’ve just built several bass traps following this standard build type: Just found out the best kick and bass tutorial danielmosheOct 8,in diybasstrapx I’d appreciate your help, cheers, Ste.

DIY Bass traps, treatment etc

Results 1 to 10 of In addition, for those of you who sit in the middle, there is always the option of playing both Vinyl and other formats at bassyraps same time.

I have bought hooks and raw plugs that will go into the wall buy do not know what to buy to use as a baxstraps betweent the wall and the panels. Therefore, you are winning both ways. The MP3 sound lacks the warmth, which is why so many DJs are coming back to the basics — the Vinyl that is.

Hanging diy bass traps – Home Recording forums

Technology may lose the battle with Vinyl as more and more DJs are going back to using Vinyl records. Might be worth considering although it would be more woodwork.

We do want to listen to some music and not noise, bzsstraps Sturdy PeteDec 29, What makes the saw wave so good for psy-trance bass? This is the stuff I use. You are always on the run and diybassstraps to do your job fast, losing out the details.


Music does sound better and is more valuable when using Vinyl. AbstractionDec xiybasstraps, You might more responses in the Studio Building forum Any DJ who mixed a lot with Vinyl can testify that a record was quite an investment and you had to practice a lot with it. Log in or Sign up.

There is no way you can feel an MP3 in your hands nor smell it either. Some think the sound coming from Vinyl is a bit rounder, with a deeper bass and actually fuller. Despite the technology, we do not even know if a CD or a digital file for that matter is going to last 50 years.

DIY Bass traps, treatment etc | PsyMusic UK

BigginsDec 27, Vinyl is so much more forgiving and a bit of clipping created by a DJ may give some unpleasant distortion if it comes from a digital medium. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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