“The Uprising” is an Autonomist manifesto for today’s precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism . Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s newly translated book The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance is light on two things: poetry and finance. What Berardi gives the reader . We posted the audio not too long ago from a Franco “Bifo” Berardi talk at Pratt Institute on his book The Uprising: Poetry and Finance.

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And on my part such anxious second guessing! Yet the depth to which he explores poetry as the unexpected insolvency where desire cannot be easily reduced or exchanged as currency is remarkable. The errors of great men are worth more than the truths of little ones.

The new world is one of hypercomplexitiy and hyperaccelaration, fueled by an ever more gigantic infosphere while economic life lies stiffly in the hands of a raging, profit hungry market that disregards any kinds of human emotion and sensibility while removing value from reality.

Both of those antagonisms have the particularity of belonging in the domain of semiotics — which makes this book perfect for this publisher — and, although they do not seem to have much in common, they can take their part in what I call, uprisijg semio-war.

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance by Franco Bifo Berardi

But infinity remains unmeasurable. The global awakening will occur by overcoming the strictures of digitization and late capitalism, he says.

Poetry is language’s excess: Biography of a Kprising August 3, This book is pure feeling. But if you haven’t read that article, you’re not going in with that expectation, I had the lucky chance of getting hold of a draft of this a few months ago So there was nothing symbolist about the development of modern finance. This generational disdain is the second idea the digital covers up in contemporary theory, though Berardi hardly hides his:.

We are free to manipulate images ad nauseum or to invent them from scratch. Berardi makes it clear that semio-capitalism rests on a foundation of digital exchange, and anyone who reads contemporary theory knows that the digital has become the bogeyman that lurks behind capitalism. Berardi is a strange breed; I would recommend him to those who could hold berari attention for more than three minutes without enticing the urge to stab them in the face.


Sadly, however, as I see it, cynicism is the only practical truth in today’s milieu; reality does not provide for a sea change in perspective. The uprising is a therapy for this kind of psychopathology. The final goal being the reconstruction of the general intellect and the social body of people through communication and language that reflects more the world of humans than that of capital.

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance

Denationalized, decontextualized, divorced from its origins in philosophy and criticism, theory has assumed totally deregulated positions on everything from literature to politics and beyond. Everything is crumblingit’s crystal clear. Apr 26, Sandyssandersatt. Time objectified, time that has become things, goods, and value. Every speculative position is tethered to some good or commodity or service, or some permutation thereof.

For too long has financial dictatorship compressed the social body, and the cynicism of the ruling class has become repugnant. While irony does not postulate the existence of any reality, cynicism ebrardi the inescapable reality of power, particularly the power of the economy I want to understand the process of dissolution that is underway from the unusual point of view of the relationship between poetry and finance.

Berxrdi think I wanted a fuller engagement with the uprising of the title, the occupiers, but Berardi seems to know as much about them as I do. And this healing is made possible by a mantra that rises, stronger and stronger, as solidarity resurfaces in daily life.

There is another disturbing undertone to The Uprisingone that has spread like a secret since the burst of the dot-com bubble at the turn of the decade.

Reading Notes for Bifo’s The Uprising – ENTROPY

Thank you Bifo, you are so right!!! Jan 08, Senia rated it it was amazing. In his words, capitalism is the application of human skills as a means to obtain a more abstract goal: Dec 06, Mark rated it it was amazing. This limiting condition or situation has to be situated against the Possibility of upriing Promise — the ideological crux of Left berzrdi Right is a field where actualization can occur. On poetry and finance, and delivers the only concrete solution for resistance and change that I could extract from all my marxist readings so far.


Lords of Waterdeep in Conversation February 25, This is the only avenue we have to expand our language and thus the limits of our world.

Mass cynicism results from the dissolution of beraedi solidarity and the systemic precariousness of berarei labour market results from the neoliberal deregulation that imposed competition as the inescapable, generalized mode of relation among people.

It’s only an internalization of the impotence of truth which is born out of the failure of the th century utopian ideologies and the berarci that exploitation of labour, competition and war are inevitable and irreversible capitalism. Unlike orthodox Marxists, Berardi’s autonomist theories draw on psychoanalysis, schizoanalysis and communication theory to show how subjectivity and desire are bound up with the functioning of the capitalism system, rather than portraying events such as the financial crisis of merely as an example of the inherently contradictory logic of capitalist accumulation.

As Berardi maps the current crises what becomes clear is that it is a crises of the social berarsi demanding a new language by which to address these concerns. Jun 01, BW Diederich rated it it was ok.

One of the most difficult challenges the left has had to grapple with as finance capital has gained its foothold and then descended into crisis is that many of our key analytical concepts have proved wanting. This text, then, is of its time; the opening chapter is a sharp autonomist-inspired analysis of the European uprising in late However, as we see this in the growing inequality of the world and the destruction of nature, this is potentially spelling disaster.

Berardi here introduces implicitly his definition of poetry as a discipline that acquires meaning and beauty from words without necessarily referring to the object they describe.

Finance is the most abstract level of economic symbolization.