Editorial Reviews. Review. Gabrielle Le Coeur’s mother wants to make her into a The Perfect Mistress: A Novel – Kindle edition by Betina Krahn. Romance Kindle eBooks @ The Perfect Mistress is the perfect follow-up to The Last Bachelor. This time the heroine is a courtesan’s daughter who wants the unthinkable: to get married. Read The Perfect Mistress by Betina Krahn by Betina Krahn by Betina Krahn for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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She was not going to become the mistress of the old Count who spit when he spoke.

Several laugh out loud moments. The Wife Test Brides of Virtue, 1 3.

She didn’t know that Gladstone would be there. It just didn’t work for me Personally I although thought the girl a bit stupid and the man a bit too shallow. Discover new books on Goodreads. The first part of this story was great fun – Gabrielle and Pierce outwitting her mother determined to make her daughter into a Great Courtesan in a series of deliberately chaste meetings which nevertheless serve to inflame both of them.

Pierce sang along amused by her choice.

Rosalind appeared satisfied by his answers. They were now forced to marry. Gabby was told that Pierce’s father had left her the day after their wedding night as Mitress had done to her. The Marriage Test Brides of Virtue, 3 3. The second was a vicar with a bad temper who thought that women were to be ruled and kept under a man’s control. I really didn’t like the chemistry between the main characters.

He thought about her attitude.


The Perfect Mistress

thd Pierce was surprised to find himself taken to Gabby’s rooms and being told that they were not allowed to be seen in public together. He met Rosalind and was surprised to find out who she was and to realize that he had met the famous love-child of Rosalind and her lover, a duke.

Once the funding was secured, Krahn worked as an HR director for a mental health center. Pierce saw Gabby after the questioning and they were closely watched by Rosalind and 3 other mistress friends who tge to judge the authenticity of their relationship.

Renee’s Books for Pierce agreed on the promise that she would see Gladstone again and tell her what happened between the two of them while they were together. Read the Month Challenge: Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. They read limerick to each other. The Perfect Mistress Mistress, 2 3.

He became frightened that his need for her would cause him to lose himself as she gained power over him. He rushed her off in the morning.

He dressed quickly when he realized that the people who had once asked him to watch Gladstone were setting him up to be found in bed with some prostitutes krahhn being drugged and placed in a room with them. Gabrielle was visited by her father who mentioned berina her the gossip and rumors that were being spread by others in Pierce’s political circle about him. He was invited by the next day and they had planned on riding in the park.

The Perfect Mistress by Betina Krahn – FictionDB

They agree to help each other out, but you know what happens. Want to Read saving…. Brides of Virtue 3 books by Betina Krahn. She didn’t want to pretend to like whatever her current lover was interested in and feel like she was selling her body for physical comforts. She would have been watched by other men in the garden and his reputation would have been ruined by the scandal.


They picked up 23 letters and found 4 possible prospects. He continued to come by each day to see Gabby. Gabrielle stormed out of the room and then out of her house.

It was also extremely witty and made me laugh, a lot. I spent most of the last half of the book wanting to shake Pierce.

Their plan is seriously derailed by their attraction for one another. Pierce was looking for a political scandal involving Gladstone due to widespread gossip that he entertained prostitutes. She felt like he thought them too good for her because they were his friends.

Perfect Mistress

They both attended a ball together and Pierce had to rescue her from being raped by one of the pefect he used to call a friend. The secondary characters particularly the two mothers and Rosalind’s coven of courtesans are entertaining. Kay rated it it was amazing Oct 06, He took her to the opera where she was discovered by Krann. Pierce didn’t realize that he had been seen by one of his friends and knew that he had been caught with his pants down and was being forced to wed.