; Unique zeolitic medium for selective removal of dissolved organic compounds through ionic and molecular adsorption, as well as passive uptake via the. I noticed that their newest product NeoZeo (zeolite media) is not herein by titling this document “The Brightwell Aquatics NeoZeo. Registered Member. bassking16’s Avatar. Join Date: Nov Location: Texas. Posts: Question Brightwell NeoZeo. Anybody have any.

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Potassium is underrated IMHO. The rate of nutrient-uptake that this system achieves often exceeds the rate of nutrient-addition, particularly in aquatic systems that are rarely-fed. Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement.

I have the PhosBan reactor filled all the way which is grams, and 85 gph flowing. I know it isn’t diatoms or cyano Anyway, has anyone tried Brightwell’s NeoZeo system without vodka and had good results. How about any of the individual additives. I also like the idea of using a canister filter instead of a hand pump reactor. Selling and trading on ReefCentral. Originally posted by just dave I sent it to everyone that asked ,and that sent an e-mail address ,except the Redskins fan. Selling and trading on ReefCentral.

Today I will add more zeolite rocks, increase the flow through them, and increase the amount of MB7 neozei as described in the above posted instructions.

Place g each week of NeoZeo for each US-gallons I’ve also sent a PM, two even as I may have messed up the first one.

Zero improvement in cyano or hair algae. It is used in the broadest possible context, adhering to the definition of a nutrient being a substance that provides sustenance. I’m sure the rest will be availbe from their site. You might post your question in the Chemistry forum and get more responses.

Neo Zeo from Brightwell Aquatics Zeolite media

Find More Posts by Raoul5Duke. I think their products are very good. Covering this topic requires elementary thinking and relies on the ratios of nutrient uptake in bacteria being somewhat analogous to that of marine phytoplankton.


This material will be fed upon by various aquarium inhabitants and birghtwell also removed via protein skimming and mechanical filtration. Day 5 shows noticeable lightening of SPS corals. I started dosing 1mL MB7 daily to that tank on the 19th and holy mackerel has it made a big difference.

I seemed to be on top of the cyano at that point, although still some green hair algae it appeared on the retreat.

Brightwell Aquatics – NeoZeo

Originally posted by volcom69 Now with the neozeo do u need some kind of reactor or can you use a mesh bag of some type my LFS sells brightwell so ill have check this out. I look forward to being able to ask some questions. Inorganic stuff – primary elements and the Koralcolor is a blend of trace elements.

I should also report that right now there are several SPS colonies that are quite pastel or mildly bleached. Visit just dave’s homepage! The only cases of RTN I’ve seen in this tank. The colonies that were darkening up a bit seem to still be darkening a bit more.

I am looking for an alternative to vodka dosing. The NeoZeo method can be dissected into two main areas of focus: At month 26 I stopped working out of province and started looking after nrozeo tank myself again, at this point the tank was so dirty there was cyano covering most of the sand. I neoaeo that cause i dont have much room in my sump so this will not work then for me, brightwll my system is not new and i do have a low nutrient system my po Find More Posts by takayan.

Because of the sheer size of our forum, we’ve been forced to limit selling and trading to members who’ve met a couple of criteria. These corals and anemones have been this way for at least 2 months, maybe 3. As one might expect, this is an issue that is primarily encountered in aquaria that have been established for many years; in contrast, aquaria that utilize zeolite filtration from the onset are far less-likely to exhibit this sort of ammonium-related issue.


Find More Posts by newreefbishop. Maintaining a healthy reef aquarium or any aquarium, for that matter is largely dependant upon limiting the concentrations of nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate; in doing so, the general health of the inhabitants tends to be relatively high presumably because more attention is being paid to water quality and the appearance of the system remains more pristine. I stayed at that level for about 4 weeks. Originally posted by just dave Redfield Ratio, right?

I measured and adjusted the output to be darn close to 25 gph. Provides a colonization site for the microorganisms responsible for nitrification, denitrification, and organic waste degradation in marine aquaria. If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet. The Zoas and Palys are expanding much larger and color has improved quite a bit. This has greatly improved coloring of SPS and polyp extension.

Brightwelll thought brlghtwell may interest some of you. I also picked up a few other supplements including KoralColor and KoralleVM both seem to be trace element supplements.

Months were a disaster with the tank maintenance company doing almost all the maintenance; the tank became very dirty and I lost about half a dozen corals brgihtwell the last few months. A percentage of the microbes form biofilms on inanimate objects often appearing as a brightwel film on the panes of the aquariumwhich can be brushed off and captured by aquarium inhabitants and skimmer intakes, again exporting nutrients from the system; we will return to the topic of biofilm shortly.

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