Canon AE Posted ’06 If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: M. Butkus, 29 ESPANOL LANGUAGE PDF MANUAL Edicion an. The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera for use with interchangeable It supports either manual exposure control or shutter priority auto exposure. the AT-1 (released ), A-1 (), AV-1 (), AE-1 Program () . Español · فارسی · Français · Latviešu · Nederlands · 日本語 · Русский. CANON AE-1 Program SERVICE, PARTS, USER MANUALS Manual Included · all MINOLTA 35 mm cameras 35mm CAMERA Manual MANUALS ++.

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The camera will also accept Canon’s earlier FL-mount lenses through the use of stop-down metering.

Canon AE-1 Program

This is the classic equivalent of modern ISO, which is always necessary to configure because films with different speeds will need different exposure parameters. This is great when shooting in manual or shutter priority modes. All Canon FD lenses have manual aperture rings and distance scales.

Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January Commons category link is on Wikidata. Loading film is quick and easy with the AE-1 Program. What else is there to ask for? This page was last edited on 1 Mayat In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Five major and 25 minor internal modules reduced the individual parts count by over It also has a built-in display with everything you need to know to select the right exposure parameters. Canon SLR cameras and lens mounts film. It also supports the A-1’s Motor Drive MA; this requires another electrical contact on the base plate.

Imagine if Canon had tried to release a top of the line film camera in the s, and then told their customers that they could only shoot Kodak Portra with it.


Canon AE-1 Program with all-black finish. And of course, the super-awesome, all-leather original carrying case that my father bought for it, which is almost as cool as the camera itself. The Program mode was arguably the biggest selling point of the AE-1 Program back in the 80s, but the camera offered many more interesting features for the more advanced user, which made it a commercial hit among all kinds of photography enthusiasts.

The exposure control system consists of progra needle pointing along a vertical f-stop scale on the right side of the viewfinder to indicate the readings of the built-in light meter center-weighted with a silicon photocell. In its day, however, the AE-1 Program’s automated features and simple controls helped introduce many new consumers to the SLR camera. It uses a single battery that is concealed behind the grip, and it can just keep on firing away for ages. T50 T70 T80 T90 T60 InCanon introduced the New FD series of lenses that rotate the whole outer lens barrel to lock.

It was manufactured by Canon Camera K. It supports either manual exposure control or shutter priority auto exposure. cxnon

The Canon AE-1 Program group on Flickr is packed with tens of thousands of absolutely stunning images, and many new ones are still being added every day. Extensive use of electronics also allowed simpler modular internal construction instead of mechanical linkages.

Unlike the A-1, though, which specifies that screens should only be changed by the factory or by experienced service technicians, those on the AE-1 Program can be changed by the user. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Adventures in Film Photography: The Canon AE-1 Program – Analog Senses

It is the same focusing screen design that is used in the newest model of the top-of-the-line Canon F-1 known as the New F The top plate features all the main controls. The viewfinder uses LEDs to show information to the user.


However, it was made to have relatively straightforward controls and automatic aperture for newcomers, with various manual controls and system accessories to appeal to more experienced photographers. The user focuses the camera and then presses the shutter button. In the years since the AE-1 Program was introduced, this shutter design has also proven to be more maintenance-intensive than modern vertical-travel metal blade designs.

T50 T70 T80 T90 T60 It was introduced in as the successor to the Canon AE-1five years after that camera ‘s introduction. Go with the excellent Kodak Portra. The AE-1 Program is a truly beautiful camera.

This page was last edited on espal Decemberat F-1 F-1n New F-1 Between andthere was a dramatic departure from heavy all-metal manual mechanical camera bodies to much more compact bodies with integrated circuit IC electronic automation. There are simply no unsolvable problems with this camera. Sosumi, the camera click and the start-up chord”. During the late s, there were over 50 Canon FD lenses available for purchase. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Both lenses are the newer FDn versions, which feature a bayonet mount with a single release button, instead of the screw mount of older Manuzl lenses.

Canon AE-1

Also like the A-1, the AE-1 Program supports interchangeable focusing screens. Want jaw-dropping, vibrant colors? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was often criticized as being slower than the bayonet mounts of competing cameras. Backed by a major advertising campaign, the AE-1 sold over one million units, [1]: