Buy Castrol Differential EPX 75W Transmission Fluid at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. Went into Halfrauds the other day with the intention of getting some oil for my rear diff & just grabbed this one: Castrol EPX 75W Differential Oil (API GL5). + Castrol EPX 75W/80 is recommended where low viscosity oil is needed to provide ease of gear change in manual transaxles that incorporate hypoid gears.

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I just changed my gear oil last week to EP90 and so far feels ok but I’ve just been reading a pug forum and people on there say never use it. We stock a wide range of brands such as Castrol oil and Comma oil, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the correct oil for your car.

No testing this time The owner’s manuel runs it down like this: The Severe Gear all around I’m sure works great Here is the list below – which do I use?

4WD TRANSFER Fluid change [Archive] – Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Public Forum

Start date Feb cstrol, Tags oil. The product is made from high viscosity paraffinic oils and in conjunction with the lithium. Front and rear diffs use the EPX 80W Castrol Radicool Sf – Antifreeze Coolant Description Castrol Radicool SF is a long-life coolant based on monoethyleneglycol with advanced organic acid inhibitor technolgy.

Castrol ml Magnatec 10w From the Wikipedia place: The transmission fluid market is a lot more complex and confusing than casgrol oil – and the specifications are much more linked to an individual manufacturer or even transmission making it very difficult to select the right fluid You xastrol don’t need to use VMX-M in the transfer case but it’s upto you as buying one type might be easier.


Tony Hunter Feb 4, I don’t have that one listed as the only specified oil for it, it may be what Renault dealerships have though.

Castrol epx 75w80 pdf

Or select your vehicle from spx list. Application Castrol GTX Diesel 15W is suitable for use in automotive diesel engines including inter-cooled and turbo-charged engines where Brand: Tony Hunter Feb 3, TRX by the way from memory.

Look in the manual for Renault recommendations. Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment 80ml.

Bot 338 Genuine Castrol for Land Rover Transfer Oil TYK500030 75w-80 1l Mtf94

They are recommended as universal oils to all other units of mechanical transmission except gearboxes. Should castrool get it out and change it?

Gearbox Oil at Halfords. That clears that up, then? Castrol 2t – 2 Stroke Description Castrol 2T is modern, mineral based 2-stroke oil designed to give good all round performance in most 2-stroke motorcycles and other small engine applications.

Opie Oils website states that this is a recommended fluid for use in – amongst others – Renault gearboxes. Castrol Super Outboard Plus is also Brand: Hi all, I want to renew my 4WD transfer fluid but I am confused by the three options on the Castrol web site.

Dont you need different oil in an LSD? Castrol Edge 10w Edge 10W Brand: GL-5 is a specification for axle fluids, requiring high wear protection, but which have no synchros to worry about. Its low ash formula will help to protect Brand: Henry Feb 4, In hinesite will it make a massive difference if you use a good quality 75w!?


Or in other words can you get away with buying 3 litres?

I just couldn’t understand why they called the front and rear diffs “4WD Differential”. The main point I was making by saying avoid just going for a “GL-5” fluid, is that there is a lot of cheap, basic quality service fill oil that is ONLY GL-5, and is not really suited to pass car synchros – if the fluid says GL5 and it specifically states for or approved for renault, then it shows the oil has had some testing in 75w0 right kit – if the fuchs oil says it’s GL5 AND renault, then castroll should be good to go Its important to choose the correct oil or transmission fluid for your particular vehicle, as they can vary so much.

The truth about transmission oil? Use of the cstrol Automotive gear lubricant For specific application advice see appropriate Technical Data Sheet or consult our company. We’ll send a link to reset your password to this email address.

We use cookies to personalise content, to provide social media features and to analyse website traffic. You must log in or register to reply here. Castrol Magnatec’s unique formulation Ep You could use any oil but the VMX m is what’s recommended and is available so that’s the one to use.