Find out more on how the Citroën C4 range is being updated with a second- generation update with a new light signature, technologies and. Citroen C4 Exclusive Auto MY Hatch, 5 door; 3 cyl, T Petrol – Premium ULP; 6 spd, Sports Automatic; Front Wheel Drive. Released: May RedBook’s used car price search lets you check the value of a new car before you buy or sell. We are the pre-eminent provider of new car prices, values, vehicle.

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What is the Fuel Calculator? Confirm your choice with a press on C. Cruise control must only be used where road Deactivation of cruise control Reactivation of cruise control conditions permit driving To attach the top belt, raise the head restraint of the vehicle seat, then pass the buckle between the two supports.

Connected life on board. When the alarm is armed, the protections become active within The installation also includes a siren If the parking assistance is inactive, the warning lamp is on. Car of the Year Competition. Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? Passengers enjoy connectivity systems for continuity between their digital worlds and their car.

A balanced exterior styling synonymous with robustness and muscular body lines. Changes of gear are accepted only if consistent with engine speed. Adjustment in CD or radio mode The basic functions remain the same as those for the radio. To withstand the additional stress borne by turbocharged vook, compared with naturally aspirated engines, parts have been strengthened. Screen and headlamp wash Battery.

Do not touch the new bulb directly with your fingers; June edition of a Citroen C4 Cactus official marketing brochure and product specification brochure. Media Type see all. In FM, if you hold down button E required waveband and memory for more than two seconds, your bank. Disengage the ends of the retaining Disengage the ends of the retaining spring to release it.


Book Test Drive | Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer | Car Range | Citroën UK

Unlock the vehicle with the remote control or the key. Lock the vehicle using button A on the remote control. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. A – access to the “Main menu” B – scrolling in the display boo.

We see cars like this for sale 8 times a day. Step by step ilustrated repairing procedures. These ciitroen shine an additional beam on the inside of corners, thus improving visibility and safety in corners.

Adjust the position of the steering wheel for height and reach. Please read this handbook carefully before taking to the road. Refine Your Search Results Make: An innovative design, combining high-density foam in the seat centre and thick textured foam on the surface, ensures softness and support at all times. Modified Item see all. Side window demister vent left and right.

Chapters Table Of Contents This display indicates normal ope- rating. Haynes Manual Citroen C4 1.

Please provide a valid price citroeen. Switch off the ignition and action the wipe stalk within one minute. When the vehicle is braking or reducing speed, gearbox changes down automatically to a suitable gear.

Citroën C4 New Range

Manual mode Reverse gear – Push the lever to change to a Only engage reverse gear higher gear. D a s h b o a r D Functioning if the service interval maintenance intervals is exceeded If your vehicle is used in particularly Each time the ignition is switched harsh conditions, it is necessary to on, the maintenance symbol and the select the maintenance schedules extra mileage travelled with a minus for “special operating conditions” Literature Type see all.


On a rising gradient, with the vehicle, On a falling gradient, with the vehicle stationary, the vehicle is held for a brief stationary and reverse gear engaged, moment after releasing the brake ped Identify the failed bulb. PureTech petrol engines, voted International Engine of the Year, and 1.

M u l t i f u n c t i o n d i s p l a y Display A Display C or NaviDrive continued Range this indicates the mileage that can still be travelled using the fuel remaining in the tank.

Do not forget to close it again.

Book a Citroën Test Drive for any car or van

Is it me or is this no longer possible? A U D I O Regional search mode While messages being Selecting a programme type broadcast the original source is Some stations, when they Certain stations offer the possibility paused and when the messages have organised in networks, broadcast of listening to a particular programme ended your radio will automatically regional programmes at certain times type, selected from a list PTY.

The timing of the inter- mittent wipe adjusts automatically to AUTO position: Unlock the steering column using 1. Comfortable and quiet on the move.

Accelerate to the desired speed, bbook then press button 2 or button 4. Citroen C4 All years from to