Combat Hapkido Curriculum – Does anyone take this and what type of curriculum is followed. Thanks. Can anyone explain to me the difference between “combat hapkido” and I did a version of it where the combat Hapkido syllabus was the core. I was wondering if anybody had a written copy of Combat Hapkido’s Belt Requirements and any The curriculum has changed over the years.

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Radial Nerve Strike and Spin 6. All rank certification is done directly through the ICHF Headquarters in Florida and is kept on file to insure that each student meets the proper time in grade requirements. Yellow Belt 9th Gup Breakfalls: Combat Hapkido uses cirriculum ten belt rank system with the difficulty and the number of techniques gradually increasing with each belt.

Thanks so much Thomas that answers my question and hapkifo some! Retrieved May 31, Bruce W SimsJul 27, Over time, though, YMK would examine that biomechanic wrist pronation over a range of situations including standing, sitting, layingdown, alternate hands, striking-and-punching and even as it might apply to the foot ccurriculum ankle. Situational Awareness and smart behavior are far more important than any particular approach to fighting.

S Wrist Lock 6. As a Federation, it has grown a lot in the past almost 20 years and has weathered the bad while improving. Log in or Sign up. Just wanted to say, great thread guys!

This has been too long in coming. I do love learning new things and joint locks are IMO one of easiest ways to make a person leave you alone or to make them do what you want. Neck Tack Down 2. However, what a person studying YMK Hapkido would notice, over a period of time, is that a particular biomechanic would be studied a variety of ways, some of which would be more combat-worthy than others.


You shorten our learning curves by so much and I for one am very grateful for that! Apr 11, Messages: Elbow to Head Elbow to Midsection 3. Your user name or email address: Search tags for this page. The program’s focus on ground self-defense utilizes transitions from ground positions to standing positions avoiding long extended confrontations on the ground, which the curriculum addresses but does not encourage.

Combat Hapkido Belts

Difference between Combat Hapkido and Regular Hapkido? You are very right, Dave Introduction to Combat Hapkido: In addition to the core curriculum, the ICHF researches and develops “modules” that are compatible with the core curriculum and encourages students to explore them.

He also removed the traditional Korean weapons for the most part. However, the reason the ICHF chooses the cane as one of their preferred self-defense weapons is due to its modern real world self-defense applications. Because of the effectiveness of these techniques, the ICHF has been invited by many foreign and domestic police organization along with invitations from the United States Military [12] to train both U.

I have a PDF of a manual that we used to post on our school’s website. This form of target striking is called pain compliance and generally, but not always, leads to an immediate response by the attacker. It’s truly an evolving art and I always look forward to class. Always good to add another dan to the M.


I have several friends who trained with the Korean military and have the utmost respect for their devastating Hapkido prowess. The funny part is when you see it done even remotely fast you realize how much damage it cudriculum quickly do with very little effort.

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Combat Hapkido Belt Requirements | – Friendly Martial Arts Forum Community

Face Strike Wrap Around. All training in Combat Hapkido is reinforced with extensive training seminars, with most months containing multiple seminars located throughout the United States and Internationally.

I was wondering if anybody had a written copy of Combat Hapkido’s Belt Requirements and any other requirements for the system. Some schools also have a set of names to make the techniques easier to recall. Are you intersted in taking a deeper looks at comparing particular “spokes” currifulum each practice? Later a ground grappling system was built in with help from people like Pedro Rodriguez and Carlson Gracie. Step Under Flip 5.

Upward Pull Hammer Lock The Dan Bong can be used in short range attacks and is as is stated above primarily for inflicting more severe pain to an already painful joint lock or pressure point. The Science of Self-Defense. In fairness I must tell you that this is a mistake. Elbow Lock Throw curricculum.