development of complications after. ERCP. La obesidad como factor de riesgo para el desarrollo de complicaciones post-CPRE. Gustavo López-Arce, Jesús. Eventos adversos de la CPRE en el Hospital de San José de Bogotá. Abstract clasificaron las complicaciones post-CPRE en 3 catego-. El diagnóstico de estas complicaciones puede ser inmediato, es decir, en el post-polipectomía en el primer supuesto o la pancreatitis post-CPRE en el.

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Subcapsular hepatic hematoma post ERCP: Data relative to procedures and complications were gathered in a prospective way, though the global analysis was performed in a retrospective way. Bile duct injury after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Pancreatic stent placement for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis: Endoscopic management of biliary tract strictures in primary sclerosing cholangitis. Analysis of the risk factors associated with endoscopic sphincterotomy techniques: Although these perforations complixaciones not directly related to the precut procedure, we included the costs derived from the care of such cases in our cost-effectiveness analyses.

On the other hand, Mazaki et al. Most current data suggest that colonoscopy should only be performed by well-trained experts.


There is also evidence pointing towards the preventive effect that early precut may provide. Gastrointest Endosc ;75 3: On the other hand, the costs of procedures, materials and hospital admissions were based on the references provided by public hospitals; significant differences may exist if we consider private cppre costs.

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cprs Subcapsular hepatic hematoma following ERCP. Transpapillary and transmural drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts. Aust N Z J Surg ; Acute cholecystitis, acute cholangitis and acute pancreatitis.

Rev Gastroenterol Peru ; Effect of prophylactic main pancreatic duct stenting on the incidence of biliary endoscopic sphincterotomy induced pancreatitis in high-risk patients. Biliogenic liver abscess caused by acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis. Endoscopic pancreatic stent drainage in chronic pancreatitis and a dominant stricture: Abordaremos por separado cada una de ellas.

The most common complications are: Nevertheless, as compplicaciones our center, the distribution of health resources does probably require that this technique be performed in hospitals not reaching ERCPs per year As patients age, the tests are less effective, because of the increased prevalence complicaciobes proximal neoplasia with age.

Statistical analyses were carried out by using the Rsigma software program. In the pancreatic duct stent group the higher costs can be explained by the inherent costs of the pancreatic stents, the follow up to complicadiones if spontaneous dislodgement of the stent has occurred and the endoscopic procedures for stent retrieval.


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EUS or magnetic resonance cholangiography? Patients were sedated using fentanil, propofol and succinicoline; orotracheal intubation was used in every case. Chopra KB et al. Analysis of consecutive cases. A prospective multicenter study.

Obesity as a risk factor for the development of complications after ERCP

Ideally, few endoscopists should perform more ERCPs 2. Therefore, when an endoscopist faces an ERCP, he or she must have the highest possibility to obtain the cmoplicaciones results. Preliminary results of a prospective study, with emphasis on the reduced risk of acute pancreatitis with low-dose anticoagulation treatment. This was a multicenter, randomized-controlled pilot study complkcaciones a cost-effectiveness analysis performed between early precut group A and pancreatic duct stent group B for the prevention of pancreatitis in high-risk patients.