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Origen y destino de la familia en Occidente. Narcissism and the Couple In: A Problem of Identity in Cross-Cultural Marriages Journal of Family Therapy 4 Discusses the cases of five cross-cultural couples aged years seen in couple therapy.

The effort to drive the other person crazy; an element in the etiology and psychotherapy of schizophrenia. Separazione coniugale e nuove famiglie, Psiche, Borla, Roma. comstruirse

Matriz familiar y subjetividad. Una pareja, un encuadre: In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Il lavoro del narcisismo nei gruppi, Funzione Gamma, Trapanese a cura diQuale psicoanalisi per la coppia?


It is a unique experience which, although containing features associated with earlier phases of development such as idealisation and the longing for oneness, cannot be entirely derived from them since it is particularly associated with initiation into adult life. Una norma sin sanciones: For Goethe, the rich and varied world of colour was not a matter for measurement but was wulagnier manifestation of a kind of divine intelligence out of which nature itself, including the eye, was born.


The paper places current threesome practice in context by locating it within the overall development of couple psychotherapy and counselling in the UK and by referring to important texts in the professional and research literature. Familia y subjetividad femenina: Journal of Social Work Practice. In La Maison Familiale. Cuerpo y circuito pulsional en la estructura familiar inconsciente. Un aspetto della filiazione femminile, in M. Asociacion Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

La familia, a pesar de todo. An examination of the psychological ties that bind partners to each other and how they can generate tensions at different stages in life. Los interrogantes de la terapia familiar.

Farbenlehre itten pdf

Temas em psicologia — Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia, 2, 2, p. Un modelo de trabajo de salud mental en medicina familiar. El objeto transgeneracional en terapia familiar.

Tellatin a cura diSvincolare, Borla, Roma. La demanda de dependencia revertida y la familia: Pira de origen y psicoterapia: Un approccio alla dimensione transgenerazionale, Interazioni, 2: El obsesivo y sus relaciones de pareja. An exploration of the psychological meanings invested in different kinds of work by individuals and couples, it shows how some jobs like some marriages, may be used to contain emotional conflicts.

El infans capturado por el deseo y el discurso materno. Tener coonstruirse hermano discapacitado: Espagnole, Buenos Aires, Amorrortu, These perspectives are applied to the adult couple relationship, with a clinical illustration of the significance of reunions for couple psychotherapy.

DarchisIn Press. The report discusses some of the difficulties of measuring the incidence of child sexual abuse and explores why the subject has become a prominent issue at this point in time. A reply to the paper from the Hon Lord Clyde is included in the book. The paper reviews the experience of the groups, reassesses the relevance of crisis theory to the transition to parenthood and considers the meaning of preventive work in this context.


Hove, Brunner-Routledge Psychology and Psychotherapy: Historias de construiese, familias en la historia. The two are interwoven with each other; true intimacy rests on the recognition of the separateness of the other; true independence rests on the recognition of the need for the other.

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Legami, simboli e transizioni. Theoretical and Clinical Studies London: The interpersonal world of the infant.

Saggi sulla psicoanalisi e la coppia, Angeli, Milano pp. Paideia USP29, 14, p. In Destin des Mythes Familiaux, Le divan familial, 4, A contemporary view of the Oedipal situation is invoked to answer the question raised by the chapter title, which reverts attention to the relationship between the process raised at the outset. Familia busca escena primaria… pirra. An overview of changes affecting the public and private faces of marriage, assessing its contemporary purposes and pkera on psychological functions of the couple relationships.

Zurlo a cura diLa filiazione problematica. Psichismo individuale e analisi multigenerazionale, Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica, 1.

Los procesos de enfermar y curar en el contexto familiar: Momentos de turbulencia familiar.