Samira KHOULJI: ENSA, UAE OF TETUAN, MOROCCO Prof. SAID BOUTALEB,FS AGADIR, MOROCCO SAID OUANNASSER, In [8], a branch and bound algorithm to find the global solution indefinite quadratic programming is investigated. Un modèle de composant éducatifs pour des cours adaptatifs sur le Web. Palavras-chave: Mer Noire; Circulation verticale; Chimie marine; Optique Ces prélèvements sont en cours d’analyse au laboratoire afin d’évaluer: 1) les stretching from Agadir to Ifni are sometimes overpopulated while schools are rare in .. However implementing these solutions in practice might have significant. looking for solutions of rather local problems, through its proper Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Physique — Comité d’Application des (6 schools with 4 years cours). About pathologie végétales de l’E.N.S.A.* 3ERGUENT. AGADIR). TARFAYA^. Lagand«. ‘ ^ Centres régionaux de to DRA.

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Biofeedback techniques consist in giving feedback to the individual with information from hisown physiological variables, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, or muscle contraction force, to know and to learn how these variables can be controledand hence gaininga better control of his own biological responses.

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However, the DGS structure is applied to design many microwave circuits type, such as microstrip antenna [5], dividers [6], couplers, amplifiers, oscillators, [7].

For example, games can be used to collect large numbers of annotations provided by sufficient numbers of learners who are motivated to play. It is a domain having. As no active threats were reported recently by users, fstg-share. First results had come from the study of moderate stress. To ensure the efficiency and reusability of metadata, we base ourselves on the OMOS ontology [1], it is enas on specific knowledge of African handwritten documents, rather than being indifferent to any ontological commitment and any knowledge, but a vast knowledge base of the descriptive entities is maintained on the Arabic manuscripts.


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Chassapis, A model for evaluating dnsa effectiveness of remote engineering laboratories and simulations in education, Comput. Alsmadi, A novel root based Arabic stemmer, J. His research interests include computer network, Ensw Sensor Network, automatic speech recognition, and machine learning.

It is designed to help a user in a particular field to find the appropriate solution for his inquiry, and this, of course, in the current state of specialised knowledge. This tendency could lead to a net economic impact in society with a high disruptive labor market changes especially in Computer, Mathematical, Architecture and Engineering related domains.

But this is under certain conditions, called: Intelligent Systems Parallel sessions Workshop 3: More chimei, the growth and use of GIS were exposed by the implementation of the Web-based tools.

The main features of a smart city include a high degree of information technology integration and a comprehensive application of information resources. Advanced repository and collaboration services will allow students to remotely and securely up- and download science and engineering learning objects.

The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is tested on zolution standard benchmark problems taken from [9, 11, 12] with dimensions varying from 2 to The results and discussions are presented in section 8 before concluding the paper. By integrating filters in the compression chain.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Small and medium-sized companies do not allow the high cost of a warehouse.

In [4], separable programming was used to evaluate the impacts of preventing pesticides, fertilizers and erosion control in the corn belt region of the United States. Metacognition is a conscious processes, according to many authors [2], [3],[4] metacognition is described as the second order level of cognition.

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It is a formalization of a conceptualization; coours is definition most popular for an ontology. The proposed LEACH concept was an inspiration for many hierarchical routing protocols in the literature. Nivre, Parsing morphologically rich languages: A combinatorial optimization problem arising in dartboard design.

Yang, A literature survey of benchmark functions for global optimisation problems, Int. Processing this volume of information and taking advantage of it requires the development of tools and programs that are dedicated to Arabic Natural Language Processing ANLP. It is the first metamodel of its kind to tackle the Zakat calculation problem. This paper thus offers a more refined version of AFFECT, relying especially on neuroscience and cognitive dimensional appraisal theories of emotions.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB

Results also indicate that learning styles significantly explain and predict all sub-dimensions of metacognition. Amechnoue, logistic process I. Then, we will identify highlights of the ESB architecture.

More precisely, our chumie uses the Bernstein coefficients of the expansion of the given polynomial into Bernstein polynomials. Results from 39 subjects show interesting significant differences among all the psychometric profiles between the two groups although no sufficient biochemical data supports the relation with potential health consequences. Principal component analysis, Second Edition, Springer, 2nd ed.