to give you a quick start ill explain how to create your first codeigniter project. To input data into the database you need to create a form where you can input the information to be stored. This means you’ll be needing a form with two fields, . Quick Start: Usage Examples · Database Configuration · Connecting to a Database · Running Queries · Generating Query Results · Query Helper Functions.

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There’s no excuse to not read and reread it and soak in how beautiful it truly is. Shaolin 1, 3 24 Consider the template example we showed at the top of the page: Congratulations, you just created your first CodeIgniter application!

Once loaded, you will access your model methods using an object with the same name as your class:. Muhammad Nasir codeigniteg, 1 9 Important The Template Parser Class is not a full-blown template parsing solution. To input data into the database you need to create a form where you can input the information to be stored. Parsing variable pairs is done using the identical code shown above to parse single variables, except, you will add a multi-dimensional array corresponding to your variable pair data.

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If you do not include a substitution parameter that is referenced in your template, the original pseudo-variable is shown in the result:. EST, Monday – Friday. Here is Phil Sturgeon’s article on how to do multiple site on one CI codeignitfr, in here he explains 2 ways of doing it and describes pros and cons.


If you have any issues related to Technical Support, please contact us at United States only or International 8 a. You can also view it in http: What if you would like an entire block of variables to be repeated, with each iteration containing new values?

Create news items — CodeIgniter documentation

This new method takes care of inserting the news item into the database. The data array you pass to your view files is not limited to simple variables. May not place the Wrox Blox file on a network or any file codejgniter service for use by anyone other than yourself or allow anyone other than yourself to access it. The only thing that remains is writing a method that writes the data to the database.

Creating a QuickStart Blog with CodeIgniter

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There is a third optional parameter lets you change the behavior of the method so that it returns data as a string rather than sending it to your browser. About the Author Thomas Myer is a technical book creatijg, consultant, and web developer. If you name one of your individual substitution parameters the same as one used inside a variable pair, the results may not be as expected:.


Template Parser Class — CodeIgniter documentation

The input library is loaded by default. Here is an example using an array: The latter is used to report errors related to form validation.

After that, rules for the form validation are set. Models are PHP classes that are designed to work with information in your database. Use MVC and agile technologies, model and schema for products, helpers and libraries, Ajax and Scriptaculous, to create applications like content management, blogs, and forums. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

You can use this controller or create your own. Here is an example using an array:. This function – provided by the Cteating helper – strips down the string you pass it, replacing all spaces by dashes – and makes sure everything is in lowercase characters.

Remember that in an MVC framework, the Controller acts as the traffic cop, so it is responsible for fetching a particular view.