Dakhni Onkar. Artist: Giani Thakur Singh Katha Dakhni Onkar – 01, , Download, , 1. Play · Katha Dakhni Onkar – 02, , Download, 85, 2. Play. Dakhni Onkar Teeka. by Pandit Giani Narain Singh Lahore Wale (Author) Language: Punjabi Total Download: Share this Book.. DOWNLOADREAD . The Dakhni Onkar (the Word Divine Uttered by Sri Guru Nanak Dev in the South) by Sher Singh MSc Kashmir was published by his wife Bibi.

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Then they complain that their mind does not get focussed when doing Paath.

Discover Sikhs Early Gursikhs. While Mayadhari Amritdharis look down on poor Gurmukhs, the Gurmukhs on the other hand feel sorry for such astray-led people and wish for Gurbani to touch their hearts. Takht Sri Hazur Sahib. Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib. The divine knowledge or Gyaan comes from the Gunns of Waheguru i.

Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib. Naam brings Shanti peace to the mind. Where from can divine knowledge be gained? Rec Harmandir Sahib Kirtan.

Sri Onkar – Our Questions and Guru Sahib’s Answers

Kaam and Krodh destroy the body as Borax dissolves gold. Gurmat Gyan Knowledge Articles in English.

The first kind are blatant violators who openly declare themselves as gurus and saviours e. Five Takhts – Holy Thrones.


Dakhni Onkar Teeka – SikhBookClub

Even the Sujaan knowledgeable young Gursikhs don’t hesitate in forming girlfriend-boyfriend relationships which is pure Manmat according to Gurbani.

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji. English To Gurmukhi Translit. Guru Sahib in this Mahavaak is saying that if through intensive Naam Abhyaas, the seeker realizes and has full faith that within and without, there is only oknar power – Waheguru – then one can find one’s permanent abode. Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Literature in Devanagari Hindi.

Sri Onkar – Our Q&A’s | Discover Sikhism

How to get all the treasures of the world? A Gursikh knows that the only way to eliminate the disease is through Naam and Gurbani. Dharam Rai has given orders to his Jammdoots to not go near such place where Gursikhs are doing Kirtan. The translation of the above Pankitis is – the foolish worldly people consider the worldly wealth as real and for this reason even if wealth is in the house of a sinful neech person, still both poor and rich people bow before such person. Rest of the educations are false because these daihni studies of matter which is false.

The whole world is diseased by dakgni disease of anxiety or stress. How does a loving relationship come to an end? Such person is worthy of great respect and honour, who stays within the contraints of Gurmat, stays a Gursikh, despite getting all the spiritual powers and being close to Waheguru.


Sri Guru Angad Sahib Ji.

Dakhni Onkar Teeka

How do Kaam lust and Krodh anger affect the body? Why do diseases occur in the body and how to eliminate the pain? Only by remembering the One, does one get Sukh happiness, comfort.

Guide To Discover Sikhism. Do what Guru Sahib has ordered; why do you try to do what Guru Sahib has done?

Great mystical secrets are hidden in this Baani and this is the reason why serious seekers of Waheguru do Nitnem of this Baani. This Baani is so concentrated as far as divine Gurmat dakhnj is concerned that one goes into Vismaad if one does even a little bit of Vichaar of this Baani.

Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji. There is no other permanent way. How can we recognize our permanent abode? Without Bhagati Bhagat-Bihoona the whole world has gone crazy. Sinful actions according to Gurmat are such actions that are against Gurmat.