Dale Pendell (April 14, – 13 January ) was an American poet, ethnobotanist, and novelist. Writing in an evocative style all his own, he fused science. In Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell offers a mesmerizing guide to psychoactive plants, from their pharmacological roots to the literary offshoots. “This is a book,”. Dale Pendell Has Written Two Books on Botanical Pharmacopeia That Resonate With a Lusty Wit. He May Be America’s Answer to Blake.

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Or we could devise a pharamcopoeia based on the organs of the body, or one based upon Jungian psychology. If this happens, just say eale.

Sep 28, Cyrano rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Eddington characterized the difference between the scientific domain and the extrascientific not as concrete versus transcendental, but as metrical versus nonmetrical. It is the preparation of the stone that is crucial, al- chemically. It is not for everyone — but neither is mountaineering. Sometimes the forest person will be sitting in a chair that is really an anaconda, and will ask you if you want to learn.

This is the kind of medicine taken by the doctor, not by the patient. More like an epic poem than a treatise on plant drugs but chocked full of information. Its chemistry is uncertain, and few of the hun- dreds of other species within the genus have ever been studied for psychoactivity.

And she is voluptu- ous, so you go. This practice, supposedly a shocking surprise to those who claim to be protecting us, has elicited charges that the to- bacco industry is deliberately lacing their product with an addictive substance. But alchemists working with metals can wander off as endlessly into involuted spirals as any vege- talista, as history attests. Or perhaps on the five-element, eight-sided mandala of the I Ching, as Fama Govinda has explored.


The South American shamans have almost all addicted themselves to tobacco, me- thodically, so that they ean tolerate larger and larger doses. Where “straight” probably means crooked.

In fermentation, we are given a book on spiritual physics, the physics of poisons. You know the true ground state. The name of one is Radi- ance of the Sun, and that of the other Radiance of the Moon. At Hoopa in northwestern California, the Indians take strips of dried bark in a tea, or keep them directly on the tongue, as a medicinal tonic similar to wild cherry. Apr 02, Pharmaccopoeia rated it it was amazing.

Jan 24, Heidi Nemo rated it it pharmacopoia amazing. Why settle for less? A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. We feed dxle by taking to- bacco ourselves, and a transference takes place. That is what an ally should do. The symptoms of nicotine poisoning coincide almost perfectly with the stages of shamanic initiation.

Maybe you have an pharmaocpoeia ally. And pedell, there are even greater dangers ahead. Maybe I have unfair biases against people with lots of experience with drugs, but Pendell’s unique authorial voice makes me want to shoot up right now know what I’m sayin.

We can take advantage of that. I think he is saying that for those who are willing to explore the fullness of their imagination, their mind and senses, there are great risks — at the very least, of massive silliness. The admixtures to Saccharomyces are a pretty classy lot. We can learn more from them than from either the addicts or the abstainers.


In natural, inhabitory societies everyone is a plant person. Sulphur is said to fix the breath, the spirit, the quicksilver part. Lawrence titled a book of poetry Pansies.

Dale Pendell

For the sul- phurous ground state, attention to diet, even fasting, can be efficacious. Nor, as the wise maintain, can you do it by reading or thinking.

Equations of Power Schrodinger, Einstein, Maxwell, differential equations, gunpowder, the bronze sword, and the chambered nautilus. These are people deserving study! The most valuable standpoints are always the last to be found, but the most valuable standpoints are the methods.

Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft by Dale Pendell

The Sal is what was there all along, the part you can’t see until you get rid pharmwcopoeia everything else. When you attain the Unground you have the salt. Beneath “species,” he lists chemical compounds. This is one of three-volume series on the various powers and poisons contained in plant material.

Plants are all chemists, tirelessly assembling the molecules of the world, and in their transactions with insects, birds, animals, and fungi, they find elaborate ways to defend themselves, to seduce pollinators, to confuse.

Allies assist each other in the prosecution of some task.

There are two great Bodhisattvas in this country. Body, Time, and Place. When the talk is done, however, phamracopoeia ally is there, an objective correlative, as it were, waiting to set things straight. Mercury, the poisonous changeling.