The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened by the swirling sands, and given strength and swiftness. Athas’s elves stand tall and lean, with long limbs and fearsome faces. The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened. Sun-baked, wind-carved features dominate the chiseled elven faces. elements of the deserts, elves are forced to clad themselves in dark.

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In 4th Edition, clerics and other divine classes are not available. There are lf gods in Athas so clerics gain their powers by making pacts with elementals earth, fire, water, air or paraelemental sun, silt, magma, rain of the Inner Planes.

They are also charlatans, entertainers, thieves, and raiders.

Elf (Athas)

History of Athas Online”. The elves of Athas are perhaps the most prolific non-city-dwelling race of demihumans east of the Ringing Mountains.

Elves of Athas explores the passions that drive them, the abilities that make them different from the other races, and the out look that lets them survive beneath the crimson sun. Tribes can manage forty miles a day sum more, day in and day out.


The Burnt World of Athas

Elves idle around their time for days until sin by need to exert themselves, but they can run for days without complaint. Athasian elves are not benevolent forest dwellers but hostile tribal nomads with savage dispositions and a deep distrust of outsiders.

The original Athasian bard. Make an elf tribes page. Elven raiders claim lands crossed by trade routes.

Often, elves will stitch clan symbols throughout their clothes, though never on outerwear, such as cloaks. Retrieved June 25, This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat The fourth edition metaplot describes three ages: A few elves study the Way to win one more advantage in battle and trade. In previous editions dwarves could not practice arcane magic but this restriction was omitted in 4th edition.

Other races see elves as dishonest and lazy; generally a fair assessment. The line included the original boxed set with rulebook authored by Timothy Brown and Troy Denning.

A series of articles continued to provide glimpses into the setting prior to the release in August. Athas has no deities and no formal religions other than the cults created by the sorcerer-kings.

In many cases others find it difficult to see the distinction. As a result, elves find themselves forced to decrease their pace, which they find quite distasteful, when talking to outsiders. Atthas often take advantage of this knowledge, observing travelers for hours before springing an ambush.

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Retrieved August 27, The first two excerpts covered basic information on the setting, which is similar to that of previous versions. Subsequent resources introduced more races such as elansdraysand maenads.

Elf (Athas) (Monstrous Manual)

However, any arcane caster may choose to defile at any time. The campaign used the 4th edition rules and time frame. Each PC gained one theme that together with race and class helped define the character.

The process of creating the Champions turned the sun from yellow to red. They thrive in open spaces, and tend to wither in captivity. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Elf villages are even less likely to be found than a pool of clear water in the desert, for elves darkk stop running when they fall down and die.

Given the prevalence of psionics the people of Athas have developed laws to govern their use.