The task at hand this time was to follow up one of the most successful d20 releases of all time,. Traps & Treachery. In some ways it was easy, the formula for . Traps & Treachery Fantasy Flight Games is no stranger to the hobby game industry. paper, similar to the pages at the beginning of the D&D 3e PHB and DMG. traps & treachery ii – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. D20 DnD Unofficial the Quintessential Rogue II. Uploaded.

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Traps and Treachery II

adn Reason 2 was that I really love the d20 mechanics for traps. Ten more traps to inflict on the PCs. If you’ve read the other reviews, you’ll see a pack of people Monte Cook, fer one that was impressed by this. But when it comes to fiendish disposition of “delvers”, Grimtooth would be proud.

The first 56 pages contains information that primarily concerns rogues. To see the graded evaluation of this product, go to The Ahd Corner at www.

It got me thinking quite a bit about how traps work, how I can design them in the d20 system DCs, Crs, attack and damage, etc and how to make them “cooler” for the players.

This review contains major spoilers. It’s being touted on EN World.

Traps and Treachery – D&D Wiki

The puzzles section was good, but As is the case with many small game companies, they took the opportunity to support the D20 System with their own line of products. Most people are adverse to new skills Mimic Voice and Urban Loreand I understand the reasoning behind the sentiment.


Invaluable to DMs and with some good crunchy stuff for players in the first chapter. Out of Print Format: Many nasty tricks for your players. This 52 page chapter is most rtaps chapter for players. Views Page Discussion Edit History. The arkitek yeah is an treadhery outsider that can be summoned as a sort of “trap consultant.

Traps and Treachery – [PDF Document]

There is a new NPC Thug maybe the best part of this section. A single city specialist; something absolutely necessary in the campaigns featuring Lankhmar, Greyhawk, Ankh-Morpork or any other huge fantasy city. Despite not really quite living up to its claim as a Core Rulebook, there is enough really useful information in here to make it a significant and invaluable rules supplement. Good stuff, though they don’t entice me to purchase the book they’re previewing.

Reason 3, probably the most important factor, was the heaps of praise I heard lavished upon this product.

Saturday, 22nd March, There’s some pretty cool things in here like honey paper and one-handed drills. It is probably the perfect example of what a prestige class should be — an opportunity for the character to specialize in one area at the cost of others. The last part of the chapter is a new clerical domain Thievery and a small assortment of rogue related spells like Detect Traps and Invisible Object. The thug gets fewer skills and class abilities, and they get a watered down version of sneak attack called backstab.

Conclusions This should make a decent addition to the library of a DM of a campaign that prominently feature either urban elements or trap filled labyrinths, and players who frequently play rogue PCs should consider it as well.

There’s a pretty good variety here, which is important.

Traps and Treachery

Some could also be considered traps, but dd are just meant trals confuse and discourage the characters that encounter them. I’m afraid the book’s a bit short with the treachery part, an’ what’s there is Wexford, Ireland Posts Do your work an’ give me the crunchy bits. Enchanted and supernatural poisons is also rather interesting concept that I have not thought of for myself. Saturday, 8th February, They don’t simplify the description.


Urban Lore seems worthwhile, but Mimic Voice seems to be a throwback to games were every slight specialization of a skill was treated as an independent skill.

But the most important, in my opinion, is to ask yourself the question: I will not give many details since many of the above reviewers of this book descibe it very well 1 Hraps of the Rogue: Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors.

If I only got the first 56 out of pages of this book it would still be well worth its price.

The main fault of this book is d&&d it seems very padded. But I was hoping for even more. New prestige classes, including the trapmaster, roofrunner, and discreet companion.

The book’s got pages, and o’ that is traps and puzzles. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Chapter 5 – Puzzles: I have grown to dislike prestige classes by now; they are largely unbalanced Hospitaler and in many cases so obscure Acolyte of the Skin, Master of Chains as to be of very little use in most campaigns.