EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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Speaking exercises involving the use of stress and intonation — Group discussions— analysis of problems and offering solutions.

Electronics and Communication Engineering 3. Guide termination and resonant cavities. To understand the different kind of losses, signal distortion in optical wave guides and other signal degradation factors. Detailsfunctions of vertical pulse train- Scanning sequence details. Need for cross layer design, cross layer optimization, parameter optimization techniques, Cross layer cautionary prespective.

Behaviour of the Characteristic impedance. Design issues, goals and classification. Field study of common plants, insects, birds Field study of simple ecosystems — pond, river, hill slopes, etc. Gabel and Richard A. Linear and circular convolution of nank sequences 3. Characteristics of Diac and Triac. Constant K Filters – Low pass, High pass band, pass band elimination filters – m derived sections — Filter circuit design — Filter performance — Crystal Filters.

Definition of Inductance — Inductance of loops and solenoids — Definition of mutual inductance — simple examples.

Digital Loop Carrier Systems: Electricity Extra Resources and Ideas. Issues in desiging- Transport layer classification, adhoc transport protocols. To introduce the properties of hearing and speech To describe the architecture and environmental inclusive of reverberation and noise. He should be able to comprehend the effect of friction on equilibrium.


Writing extended definitions — Writing descriptions of processes — Writing paragraphs based on discussions — Writing paragraphs describing the future. Sequencing of jumbled sentences using connectives — Writing coputer types of reports like industrial accident report and survey report — Writing recommendations.

Measurement of Queston voltage under load and ripple factor, Comparison with calculated values. Range 1 2 Sl.

Use and over-exploitation, deforestation, case studies- timber extraction, mining, dams and their effects on forests and tribal people — Water resources: Design of lead and lag compensator. Millman J and Halkias. Arithmetic Logic Unit Design Note: Verification of reciprocity theorem 6. Mode Characteristics of Fibers 3.

EC2352 Computer Networks MJ2014 Question Paper

Mukesh Singhal, Niranjan G. Fourier transform and linear filtering interpretations, Sampling rates – Spectrographic displays – Pitch and formant extraction – Analysis by 80 Synthesis – Analysis synthesis systems: TM waves in Rectangular guide.

The role of government and nongovernment organization in environment managements.

Marketing engineer convincing a customer to buy his product. The book listed under Extensive Reading is meant for inculcating the reading habit of the students. Astable and monostable multivibrators using NE Timer. Study of various addressing modes of DSP using simple programming examples 2.

Computer networks – vasim’s JimdoPage!

Voltage multipliers, Voltage regulators – Zener diode regulator, principles of obtaining a regulated power supply, regulator with current limiting, Over voltage protection, Ex2352 mode power supply SMPSPower control using SCR.


Phase shift and Wien bridge oscillators using op-amp. To present the characteristic behaviour of sound in pipes, resonators and filters.

Evans and William M. Design issues, goals and classification. Weighted sound levels speech interference — highway noise — noise induced hearing loss — noise and architectural design specification and measurement of some isolation design of portions. Study of capabilities of software for Drafting and Modeling — Coordinate systems absolute, relative, polar, etc. Frequency response of series and parallel resonance circuits. To introduce statistical modeling of telephone traffic.

For units 3, 4 and 5. The correctness of the inputs and outputs for each of the blocks must be demonstrated atleast on oscilloscopes logic analyzer preferred. Electron microscope — scanning electron microscope — atomic force microscope — scanning tunnelling microscope — nanomanipulator — nanotweezers — atom manipulation — nanodots nrtworks self assembly — dip pen nanolithography.

Basic emitter coupled differential amplifier circuit – Bisection theorem. Apparatus Range Quantity To study the effects of controllers. Noise performance of various receivers and information theory with source coding theorem are also dealt. Conduct metric titration Simple acid base 2.

Optical Fiber Communication — John M. Design of a nwtworks bit number controlled oscillator using standard cell approach, simulation followed by study of synthesis reports.