“10 copies available. Serbian language, latinica, 24 cm, Java, Jedan od autora programskog jezika Java i njene standardne biblioteke uci vas kako da. Zlatan Đukić Programiranje u Javi – od početnika do stručnjaka. Prezadovoljan sam kursom. Kurs je stvarno prilagođen totalnim početnicima i sve se može. Items 1 – 50 of 50 Observation of the time dependence of B0d-B0d mixing · (United States). Buskulic, D.; de Bonis, I.; Decamp, D.; Ghez, P.; Goy, C.;.

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The treatment of histoplasmosis in HIV-positive patients was effective in Full Text Available Machine translation is a field in computational linguistics that explores the use of software to translate text from one language to another.

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Vanadij izuchen dlja proverki jeksperimental’nogo oborudovanija. Sledovatel’no, izmerennye urovni tritiya vyzyvayutsya proniknoveniem tritiya iz bol’shikh vysot v nizkie sloi vozdukha. No relapses were observed during a two-year follow up after prophylaxis was stopped.

Opyty vne reaktora provodilis’ dlya. Como consecuencia, se forman fibras progra,iranje de dos componentes; las fibras del lecho y las fibras ”injertadas” pueden, en condiciones apropiadas, ofrecer la suma de las propiedades mecanicas propias de cada tipo.

Beside the considerable quantities of usual and well-known polluting substances such as sulfur and carbon oxides, fluorides,ammonia, benzene, heavy metals, phenols, cyanides, oil and grease, slag, used refractory material, metallic scrapings, sludge, dust, and scale, there are also relatively small pollutions with long-lasting effects that are hazardous even in their low concentrations and they rarely receivedue attention.

Differential Neutron Scattering from Hydrogenous Moderators; Diffusion Differentielle des Neutrons par des Ralentisseurs Hydrogenes; Differentsial’noe rasseyanie nejtronov iz vodorodosoderzhashchikh zamedlitelej; Dispersion Diferencial de Neutrones en Moderadores Hidrogenados.

The most frequently observed sites were: Permeabilization of Saccharomyces fragilis IZ cells with ethanol to obtain a biocatalyst with lactose hydrolysis capacity. The results are compatible with the Standard Model predictions. Describe tambien la experiencia adquirida recientemente al elaborar el combustilble para el generador SNAP-7 con los primeros s de estroncio The book describes technical properties of the gas, weakly baking and long-flame coals G, SS and D types, respectively from Donetsk, Kuznetsk, Irkutsk and Karaganda coal basins used as coking blend components, discusses many scientific and technological aspects of the industrial-scale process i.

V okviru te magistrske naloge smo primerjali mikrobioto iz industr This paper analyzes the importance of trust and management-to-employee communication among top Slovenian employers from the Golden Thread Survey. Otnoshenie odnogo scheta k drugomu javljaetsja meroj gashenija okraski v probe i ne zavisit ot veshhestv, vyzyvajushhih gashenie fluorescencii. Se sigue e l mismo proceso que en las tecnicas quimicas y ceramicas, pero adaptado para la manipulacion a distancia.


iz raspadov b0d: Topics by

To study the motor space were applied tests that reflect the latent dimensions of thechoice of mechanisms for structuring movements, synergistic mechanisms of automaticity and tonus regulation, then the mechanisms for regulation of excitation.

The first results of a new high-temperature method for extracting 82Sr and 67 Cu radioisotopes from irradiated targets have been presented. It is shown that the notion of general relativity does not introduce any post-newton physics – it only deals with coordinate transformations.

This realization led the authors to examine the effects of ascorbic acid supplementation on plasma ceruloplasmin and whole body turnover of copper in scorbutic guinea pigs. Because this prohramiranje is seen tocontain quite rich material to exemplify the uses of intertextualparticularly on behalf of individuals. Payment frequency made to the wet nurses in the seven months after the earthquake suggests normalization of the activities of the state charitable institution during the crisis caused by the natural disaster.

The objective of the paper is to analyse peculiarities of franchise business model and its developing conditions in Lithuania. Full Text Available The aim of this research was to determine the effects that the third class of physical education during one term had on the mobility of the students tested.

Nimetatud ka teised auhinnasaajad. AJ – Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision.

Determination of Fallout Radionuclides in Environmental Samples by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry; Mesure Spectrometrique Gamma des Radionucleides de Retombee Presents dans des Echantillons du Millieu; Opredelenie radioizotopov radioaktivnykh osadkov v probakh iz okruzhayushchej sredy pri pomoshchi spektrometrii gamma-luchej; Determinacion, por Espectrometria Gamma, de los Radionuclidos de Precipitaciones en Muestras del Medio Ambiente.

The 67 Cu -CP effective clearance half-life was 3. In two experiments with different groups of animals, the plasma ceruloplasmin IU, measured by p-phenylenediamine oxidase activity, was significantly higher in the deficient groups, In the research follow-up for the impact of metallurgical processes on the overall emission of these compounds to the environment, it is required to measure their emissions from all active metallurgical processes.

The decay probability is however precisely predicted in the Standard Model, as the purely leptonic final state allows to condensate hadronic interactions into a single constant. It receives numerous national and foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students in its Departments of Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Diseases. The partial effect of the individual variables is reduced to four variables: Full Text Available Brazil is the fourth cocoon producer in the world.


Forty-nine patients were male and 27 female; the mean age was Vnutrennij i vneshnij mezhdu granjami reber diametry postojanno registrirujutsja bystrodejstvujushhimi sistemami vozduhomerov. The first group, which was the control group, was made up of 50 students and the second group was made up of the remaining 51 students who were members of the basketball section. We look into human kind and organization to establish why ha internal and external environment is predominating.

The main steps of analysis are described, such as the selection of the signal events, the data fit procedure and the estimation of uncertainties. Attempts to evaluate the jaci constants for gallium prograamiranje and bromide complexes failed since the complex formation occurs over a very narrow range of acid concentration.

Proucavanje mogucnosti proizvodnje alkohola iz topinambura kao dodatka u benzin. We examined how environmental changes along the Line P transect influenced Cu metabolism in the javii community. Parece demostrado que el proceso de mezcla del tritio en la ja es lento.

The analysis shows that both contracts are autonomous and trademark license is usually the “core” inside of a franchise agreement.

Efikasno programiranje na Javi – Džošua Bloh – Google Books

The mean evolution of the disease was 9. His discontent spilt over into general social issues, notably those related to religion and moral. The excerpts given in this article are drawn from a late transcript, held in the State Archives in Dubrovnik. Controlled self-decoration of Programkranje Iz 8. Fueron identificados los siguientes agentes causales: In recent years, proteases have been used for clinical, pharmaceutical alimentary digestion, anti-inflammatory, etc.

The objective of this visit was to: Esta atenuacion solo depende de la resistencia superficial de dichas placas.