was published on the day of Charles’ burial when “sentiment for and against the King had reached a state of frenzy.” It was the. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Eikon Basilike, Or, The King’s Book. Edited by Edward Almack. London: A. Moring, Limited, At the De la More Press, text from an “advance copy” of the first.

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I slight vain things: Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Eikom the power of the sacral monarch was waning by basiliike seventeenth century, Cromwell and his supporters still had to legitimize their raising troops against the king as well as reasons for the trial itself.

The commemoration was removed from the prayer book by Queen Victoria in Solly wrote a short article on the Eikonpublished in the Bibliographer inbut his hopes of compiling a more detailed study were cut short by his death three years later. Modern Language Association http: This climatic moment of the English Civil War would haunt the English people for centuries and give birth to a martyr cult surrounding the late king, where he would enjoy far more power and influence post-mortem than he ever did whilst he lived.

In answer to a book intitled, Eikon Basilike, the basilkie of his Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings. Eikon Basilike had a profound impact on the Royalist and Parliamentarian propaganda conflict of the time.

Wedgwood, Poetry and Politics under the Stuarts, Cambridge: The sombre binding rear board of CCE. Eikon Basilike was a bsailike piece of propaganda, vastly successful in giving the image of Charles I a kind of influence after his death that ejkon had never achieved in his lifetime.

The musical setting blended the austere style of the metrical psalterfavoured by the Puritans, with fashionable and Catholic instrumental accompaniment provided by an organ, theorbo or another such continuo instrument.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. After years of devastating conflict, Charles was captured by the Parliamentarian forces in and held captive so that he could face the rebels, led by Oliver Cromwell, at his trial known as the Black Tribunal. In fact, this passage makes it eilon clear that the author of Eikon Basilike believed that justice simply did not exist without the king, who had both spiritual and temporal powers as an extension of the might of God.


The War of Words: Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I

Ironically, in becoming a martyr King Charles I ceased to be merely a man, as the book wished to portray him, but he became a legend in his own right. This idea of the sacral powers of the monarch is further accentuated in the original frontispiece basilikke accompanied the first edition of the book, as well as several consecutive editions, which shows Charles in prayer with his worldly crown at his baislike as he looks on admiringly at the heavenly crown that awaits him upon basilikr death.

His papers are in the University Library. Butterworth, Whoever wrote the Eikon Basilikeits author was an effective prose stylist, one who had partaken deeply of the solemn yet simple eloquence of Anglican piety as expressed in Cranmer ‘s Book of Common Prayer. It came out within hours eikoon the king’s execution in January and was a strange mixture of prayer and political commentary. Articles exhibited against the King, and the charge of the Army, against His Majesty; drawn up by ejkon Generall Councell of Officers, for the speedy executing of impartiall justice upon his person; and the time, place, and manner of his tryall.

The pourtraiture of truths most sacred majesty truly suffering, though not solely. This binding is a mere mm tall. Politics, Religion and Literature in the Seventeenth Century. Many copies are pocket-sized, which allowed them to be easily concealed by their owners.

Charles I and the Eikon Basilike – Cambridge University Library Special Collections

Milton’s response sought to portray the image of Charles, and the absolute monarchy he bailike to, as idolsclaiming a reverence due only to God, and therefore justly overthrown to preserve the law of God.


However, it appeared as though Commonwealth officials would finally get their chance to stop the influence of Eikon Basilike dead in its tracks when printer William Dugard published an edition of the coveted book on 15 March with his name boldly imprinted across it.

For the Royalists, an ideological victory was more plausible at this point in time than a military or political one seeing as they had lost the civil war. In it basjlike appeared in musical form, with a verse rendering by Thomas Stanley and music by John Wilson. Eikon basilike or King’s Book was one of the most successful books ever published and established Charles I’s reputation as a martyr.

These lavish ceremonies were a confirmation of kingship rather than the bestowing of kingship. Diaries and Letters of Philip Henry, M. Hi Liam I have recently bought an oil painting from a car boot sale that is the exact same as the Eikon Basilike picture that is in this article. Secondary Sources Bremer, Francis J. The heavily symbolic frontispiece to Eikon Basilike.

What shame, rage and despite filled hys Murtherers! A Very Short IntroductionOxford: From what I have read though, it seems that the frontispiece was woodblock; but would that technique apply to the rest of the book?

Eikon Basilike

Scholars continue to disagree about the merits of this claim, though assuming that if Gauden wrote it, he had access to Charles’s papers when he did so. And shine more bright In sad Affliction’s darksom night. The first edition is in three issues, and it fikon suggested that the first was an advance copy, the second was sold by hawkers and the third was the first to appear in the shops.