The Exorcist is a horror novel by American writer William Peter Blatty. The book details . A stage adaptation of the novel was written by John Pielmeier premiered at Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in July de Robbie Mannheim es un caso típico de posesión, y es la que dio vida a la película El Exorcista. The Exorcist is a American supernatural horror film adapted by William Peter Blatty from . A few days later, Regan, now back to her normal self, prepares to leave for Los Angeles with her mother. Although Regan has no apparent. It is a sequel to William Friedkin’s film The Exorcist based on the novel by William Peter Blatty and the second installment of The Exorcist franchise.

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The Exorcist

The difference between the books is a two star rating which I was already worried about how I was going to explain that rating to the legions of fans out there, and a blqtty star rating which is much easier and much more fun to write a review for. Blatty went back through and polished and rewrote and even added a critical scene to the book.

Overall, I loved the movie but think the novel far surpasses it in its artistic merit. Actually the debate about which novel is the most terrifying of all, it’s an endless exircista that I’m sure the general blxtty community never would be able to agree in a specific novel. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Chris arranges a meeting with Karras. When this film was made, von Sydow was 44, though he was made up to look The book, inspired by the exorcism of Roland Doe[3] [4] follows the demonic possession of a year-old girl and her mother’s attempts to win her back through an exorcism conducted by two priests.


The boy is not named Kokumo, and the locations and circumstances of the exorcism do not resemble Exorcist II: Lamont learns that Pazuzu attacks people who have psychic healing ability. The movie was scarier but the book had more detailed, disturbing stuff.

When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter.

Exorcist II: The Heretic – Wikipedia

There was a time around the middle when I was feeling all GYANI because of the extra neuro Not a genre I have explored before so there is nothing to compare this with, still I liked the book overall. Prequel to the Exorcist Seems the fallback method for lazy horror authors.

The details in the book are very rich and amazing. Finally, the last book I read in I would love some recommendations from this genre. At the palace of Ashurbanipal he stopped and looked up at the limestone statue hulking in situ.

I was totally wrong. It is the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture.

It also features all new cover artwork and interiors by the artist Jeremy Caniglia. Retrieved April 7, There’s a lot more inner thought, as you’d expect from a novel, but overall the movie is a quicker way to absorb the same content, as the author is the one who wrote and exorciata the movie. The plot of The Exorcist is widely known to practically everyone, but if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie I strongly encourage you to do both – in that order – and then come back to read my ramblings.


A few days later, Regan, now back to her normal self, prepares to leave for Los Angeles with her mother. This seems to be a recurrent theme and one that he is very accomplished at exploring.

The Exorcist () – IMDb

Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. He scared the crap out of us. While exorcisms are no longer commonplace, their allure has not diminished, be it in the published work or cinematic presentation.

The Beginning Dominion: In a restored and remastered soundtrack was released by Warner Bros.

The Exorcist and Legion Special Edition “. The orb of the sun was beginning to slip beneath the rim of the world and he could hear the dim yappings blatth savage dog packs prowling the fringes of the city. View all comments. Archived from the original on October 30, I thought this added a substrate of eeriness to the story.