: El Fantasista () by HERNAN RIVERA LETELIER and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Hernán Rivera Letelier is a Chilean novelist. Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta (Chile) ; El Fantasista (The Fantasista). ; Mi Nombre es. In this new novel, Rivera Letelier returns to his imaginary Pampa to bring us a moving win this momentous encounter –could this be the mysterious ” Fantasista”?.

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Hernán Rivera Letelier – Wikipedia

Claudio Saavedra ‘s review Dec 16, This latter practice, however, locates Magalena outside the traditional boundary of the mapped trope, akin to the figure of El Cristo. Today he lives in Antofagasta with his wife and four children. Staging Politics in Mexico: Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta Chile saltpeter mining town. Aguilar Chilena de Ediciones, Going Beyond the Salitrera: The mystery surrounding the final days of El Cristo brings forth the action of resurrection, as the narrative comes full circle when Magalena leaves him and her dead chicken at the outskirts of La Piojo.

It is, instead, a metaphorical probe into structure of spatial change, as Rivera Letelier not only portrays but also redefines the space of the salitrera in contemporary Chilean literature.

El Fantasista

Views Read Edit View history. Edited by Jacqueline Bixler and Laurietz Seda. The prostitute, we must remember, represents the entrepreneur that both sustains the local community and is in cahoots with the bigger foreign companies, whereas the messiah epitomizes the wandering politician who preaches hope and common sense to a populace that is reeling from the transnational economic machinations of globalized trade. The language and the story are rather simple and I think this is hardly a masterpiece, but merely a source of light enjoyment, particularly for those familiar with the tons of chilean colloquial expressions throughout the book that can provoke laughter if one’s not too highly-sensitive to eventual vulgarities.

As the most important match in the history of the local team approaches, the visit of a football magician arriving to town brings hope to the locals, who then struggle to convince the foreigner to play their colors, a task that is made difficult by the circumstances that unveil through the plot. Just a fantawista while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Books by Hernán Rivera Letelier (Author of راوية الأفلام)

When it was closed down, he and his family moved to Antofagastawhere his mother died. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unlike the rest of the mining town that only really develops a sense of urbanity in a textual exploration of its secondspace, the brothel explicitly meshes its firstspace structure and related social practices with its ideational or symbolic qualities. In the early 19th century, speculators discovered vast reserves of saltpeter in the Negreiras, Pampa Negra, and Zapiga regions, which contributed to a boom in exports of nitrates to Europe.

Please help by adding reliable sources. It centres on the obsession of the historical-mythical folk preacher El Cristo de Elqui the Christ of Elqui with making a disciple of a devout prostitute called Magalena Mercado.

This latter point is harnessed by Arturo C. The protagonist of El Fantasista, for example, bears no physical resemblance to the aesthetic trope of the messiah.

Contents Going Beyond the Salitrera: A sport that causes religious admiration among chileans and that, in the loneliness of the salitreras, becomes one of the few things hernxn can keep the nortinos away from insanity. She entrusts the preacher to bury the chicken and to perform the appropriate rites as she is carted away in jubilant celebration to her previous abode.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The break from a theological eth- ics in the characterization of the figure hints at the novels broader project of going dw its spatial and tropic geographies, as El Cristo surmounts the mapped practices of the messiah.

Latin American and Latino Performing Arts. The reception she gets coincides with the beginning of a new year and a hypothetical new beginning for the reintegrated prostitute within the economy of the salitrera, signaling a leaving-behind of the anti-establishmentarianism evidenced pre- viously. Remember me on this computer. This turn crafts the secondspace of the rkvera as an economic outpost of the multinational yoke, thereby infusing its fantasisfa with a decidedly non-rural characterization of space.

The inability to build a concise and coherent discourse against both leteliier liberalized system of the mining companies and the theological principles of the church suggests an inherent displacement of the subject. Upon arresting fantasiata brutally beating him, the police chief exclaims: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. University of Virginia Press, Fears uernan the military and military rule are further com- mented on in El Fantasista as the local villagers fear reprisals from the police, as they begin to hear that the military makes a habit of disappearing people in the bigger cities.


That is, the author strays from the primordial exercise of compare and contrast by imbuing these characters with an economic function, not unlike the superimposition of urbanized, neoliberal topologies onto the microcosmic towns and villages that the writer maps out, and which I will develop later.

The satiric nature of his sermon comes full circle as he instructs his congregation: This coincides with El Cristo asking her to assume her position within the biblical dialectic, though in a decidedly more carnal nature, to which Magalena refuses, citing that her work is too a commitment that she must keep. Later he left for Pedro de Valdiviaanother saltpeter mining town. He completed his seventh and eighth years of study at night school, and at the Inacap educational institute he earned his license as a secondary education instructor.

He, instead, spreads a message of common sense and wellbeing to those who care to listen to him in commu- nal get-togethers and meeting points. The salitrera, which at first may seem like a pristine yet inhospitable desert-text, is redefined by the narrative inclusion of the railroad, as it reminds the reader that even the desert is in- terlaced with economic systems of production and consumption.

Her eviction is corporal and architectural, as she is forced to leave the town with all her belongings, including the life-sized statue of the Virgin and her chicken Sinforosa. On the one hand, we are exposed to her carnal nature and travails, as she willingly serves all the men, single and married in La Piojo, re giving them services on loan, ac- cepting payment after they receive their monthly salaries. The brothel, more importantly, provides the only real physical structure that harkens to what Soja theorizes as thirdspace.

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