Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors FULL BOOK 75p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Electrostatic. OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s. Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation —. With many illustrations, of which power electrostatic motors can transfer to demonstrate their usefulness and utilize the by Professor Oleg D. Jefimenko and graduate students in the ‘s.

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The discharge globes are traditional for high-voltage machines. Machines of this kind can be made of almost any inexpensive dielectric materials, including plastics, wood and even cardboard.

In this design the jefimenjo consisted principally of a inch disk of glass mounted to rotate in the horizontal plane on low-friction bearings.

Jefimenko and his graduate students at West Virginia University. The rotor consisted of a pair of electrets in the shape of sectors supported at opposite ends of a shaft. We connected the power — and slowly… slowly… the disk began to turn.

The current was flowing from the generator through the air to where it was being picked up by the antenna. By continued experimentation Poggendorff learned that he should slant the teeth of the combs to spray charge on the glass at an angle. The foot antenna wire can hold enough charge to give a substantial jolt, even during fair weather.

Jefimenko worked on the generalization of Newton’s gravitational theory to time-dependent systems. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Franklin charged his jars with an electrostatic generator. Van Wyck and G. To my delight the motor began to run slowly when the tinsel reached an altitude of about feet.

Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

The ingredients are melted and left to cool to the solid phase in a direct-current electric field of several thousand volts. They can also operate from a variety of sources and range of voltages. The earth is an electrical conductor. However, small radioactive source antennas may be used instead that have no threshold voltage and therefore no electrosgatic requirements. Walker, he experimented with electret motors. As Jefimenko points out, a limiting factor of the corona motor is its required minimum potential of 2, volts.


The distances between jefimejko electrodes and the electrets were needlessly large, so that the forces of attraction and repulsion were needlessly weak. Static balance was achieved by experimentally adding small bits of adhesive tape to the motots surface of the aluminum foil that lines the cylinder until the rotor remained stationary at all positions to which it was set by hand.

The high-voltage terminals of two or more Leyden jars that carried charges of opposite polarity were positioned to graze the thimbles on opposite sides of the rotating wheel. An antenna consisting of a single point at the top of a foot wire could be expected to deliver about a microampere at 2, volts; the rate is equivalent to.

Electrostatic motors are now classified in electrostatix by the method by which charge is either stored in the machine or transferred to the rotor.

The electrodes set nefimenko what physicists call a corona discharge; their sharp edges ionize air molecules that come in contact with them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Jefimenko jfeimenko constructed and operated electrostatic generators run by atmospheric electricity. He stuck the device outside and flipped it degrees. Apart from possible applications electrostatic motors make fascinating playthings.

Jefimenko suggests that electromagnetic equations can be converted to their gravitational-cogravitational equivalent by replacing electromagnetic symbols and constants with their corresponding jefienko symbols and constants, [1] given in the table below. Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field and the H field creating the E field as it goes along.

The rotor began to spin. Air conducts reasonably well at that potential.

Too much vector math in there for a thorough review. To check for jefimeno balance suspend the motor freely with a string, run it at low speed and judge by the wiggle where a counterweight must be added. Jefimenko puts on an impressive demonstration. It employed stiffbacked single-edge razor blades as electrodes.


Strongly charged carnauba-wax electrets are available commercially, along with other electrostatic devices, from the Electret Scientific Company P.

Such motors develop mechanical force through the interaction of magnetic fields that are generated with high electric current at low voltage, as Michael Faraday demonstrated in Always ground the lower end of the wire when it is not supplying a load, such as the motor.

Each insulating arm of the crosses supported a comblike jefimenkl of sharp needle points that grazed the glass. According to Griffiths, Jefimenko currently submits one or two papers a week to American journals, gets denied, then publishes them in Europe where review is apparently not as stringent.

Elecctrostatic higher altitudes the rate decreases.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

Listen to Jeimenko Miller and get that order off to Amazon. Jefimenko’s expansion, or generalization, is based on the existence of the elecgrostatic gravitational force field, the ” cogravitationalor Heaviside’s field “. Thus the thimbles were simultaneously pushed and pulled by the high-voltage terminals exactly as was needed to accelerate the wheel. The motor operates on a few microwatts of power. The upper end of the wire was connected to a foot length of metallic tinsel of the kind that serves for decorating a Electrostativ tree.

Books by Professor Oleg Jefimenko also available from http: Instead of sandwiching the electret alternately between pairs of metal plates, Jefimenko employs opposing pairs of adjacent plates [see illustration at rightt]. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

The strength of the force is at a maximum because the electret is close to the electrodes. So I go out on my step and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but the box from Amazon.

The cure took about 3 hours. During local thunderstorms the pickup can amount to thousands eleectrostatic volts per foot.