Resumo Introdução: A Síndrome de Down (SD), de todas as síndromes genéticas é a mais comum. Na Equoterapia, os movimentos tridimensionais. Equoterapia é um método terapêutico que utiliza o movimento do cavalo para resultados funcionais, realizada em praticantes com síndrome de Down (SD). Síndrome de Down – Projeto de Equoterapia e Hidroterapia. likes · 1 talking about this. Esta página foi criada para divulgar os valores e as.

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According to the census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics 2 Maximal respiratory pressures in children. Statistical analysis was by means of descriptive distribution of means, minimum, maximum and standard deviation. Effect of hippotherapy in the global motor coordination in individuals with Down Syndrome.

After this analysis, it was decided to exclude four individuals, eqoterapia even after the explanations, did not understand the tasks of the test. Rev Inst Cienc Saude.

Zadnikar M, Kastrin A. This line was marked with two Styrofoam balls at a distance of 1 m from each other, following the software recommendations, to perform the vertical calibration of the images using the application.

According to Mauerberg-Decastro 30 advocates that mental deficiency affects sensory integration, accumulating deficits of primitive reflexes appearing with changes of muscle tone or postural underadaptation, causing problems dwn their dynamic balance and exploration of space. We used an inferential statistic from the Levene test sindome verify the homoscedasticity of the variables, evaluating the equality or non-variances between the variables of the groups.

Among individuals who practice hippotherapy, the best results for respiratory muscle strength were for more advanced ages.

It is understood sindrme these data becomes relevant for evaluating children with DS and practice of Hippotherapyy o motor stimulus.

The KTK battery therefore allows two types of analysis ds the results: However, it is still necessary to identify the kinesiotherapeutic effects of Hippotherapy in the motor coordination of subjects with Down Syndrome. This study presented total MQ, representing the overall motor coordination of the EG, with results of the superior female gender, although without significant difference. Previous studies indicate that chromosomal diseases, especially trisomies, have a high prevalence of heart disease in all age groups 27 The protocol method of ANDE-BRASIL is based on promoting physical and psychological gains, requiring participation of the entire body, thus contributing to the development of muscle strength, relaxation, body awareness and improved motor coordination and balance.


Assisted motor development balances the thorax and abdomen, maintaining a balance point between these two cavities, and thus adjusting lung capacity and volumes. Postural control in children, teenagers and adults with Down syndrome.

Discussion The results of the present study, whose goal was to evaluate posture before and after hippotherapy, indicated favorable changesin postural alignment. The objective of student to evaluate posture and postural alignment before and after the hippotherapyin individuals with DS.


Association between physical activity and motor skills and coordination in Portuguese children. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The following negative correlations were significant: This study aimed to analyze the effect of hippotherapy on the respiratory muscle strength of patients with Down syndrome aged between 7 and 13 years in the Federal District of Brazil.

Several authors affirm that the horse, used as a kinesiotherapeutic instrument in the care of people with physical disabilities, offers a motor enhancement of body alignment, to control global synergies in addition to providing a static and dynamic balance increase 1516171819 He observed that The present study showed that horse therapy has great influence on the variables of eqyoterapia coordination and respiratory muscle fquoterapia in individuals with DS.

Horses and riding equipment Two horses trained for hippotherapy were used, one of the Arabianbreed and the other Quarter with Persian breed, aged 8 and 9 years and 1.

Varela 32analyzing individuals with SD by KTK, showed that the younger individuals performed better in the rear balance test, as found in the present study in which the younger individuals of the EG had better results in this task.

Original articles Hippotherapy and respiratory muscle equoterapla in children and adolescents with Down syndrome. To present medical diagnosis of Down Syndrome; Present age between six and 14 years; submit a previous medical evaluation authorizing him to practice Hippotherapy; not make use of medication that affects the research; the individuals who practiced Hippotherapy should have performed the activity for at least three months; Interest in participating in the study, demonstrated by the patient and the person in charge; signing of the Informed Consent Form ICF by the downn in charge; signature of the Term of Institutional Science by the co-participating institutions.


Adap Phys Act Quart. This effect also reduces the action of the intercostal muscles, interfering in the quality of deep, ample and adequate breathing, and reducing the physical conditioning of these individuals 18 Two horses trained for hippotherapy were used, one of the Arabianbreed and the other Quarter with Persian breed, aged 8 and 9 years and 1.

Adapt Phys Act Quarterly. Each and every movement of the horse requires the rider to adjust their muscle tone to the body schema, which is neurological and established by simultaneous proprioceptive and exteroceptive information, and hippotherapy multiplies these effects The study group was composed of three male children with a mean age of 7.

The PG was composed of 20 individuals 11 boys and 9 sihdromewhile the NPG was composed of 21 12 boys and 9 girls. Table 1 shows the motor coordination results, through the KTK test, individually separating the Motor Quotient MQ values of each task involving the test: The result of each item is compared with the normative values provided by the manual, being assigned a quotient to each item.

Effects of hippotherapy on posture in individuals with Down Syndrome

Este parece ser um tema relevante para futuras pesquisas. This study was a cross-sectional, analytical, observational study. How to cite this article. Stiffiness and postural stability in adults with Down syndrome. Resultados foram encontrados 47 centros de equoterapia cadastrados.