The story of the life of Emperor Tewodros II of the Abyssinian Kingdom is one of tragedy and heroism Some claim he was the African reincarnation of Ivan the. Tewodros II’s origins were in the Era of the Princes, but his ambitions were not those of the regional nobility. He sought to reestablish a cohesive Ethiopian state . Emperor Tewodros was born as Kassa Hailu in Quara (Gonder) for Ato Hailu and . Emmett Atitegeb in .. became controversial in Ethiopian history. In order to.

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Queen Victoria wrote to him asking for the release of the prisoners but Tewodros refused to release ethopian prisoners and this led to the expedition of British troops to Meqdala in Nobles and princes of various religious and ethnic backgrounds were all angling to take power over the Gondarine throne and therefore become emperor and king of kings. Tewodros had a ethikpian of a powerful, centralized monarchy and pursued that vision single-mindedly throughout his reign.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But hisotry internal and external enemies were many, and in he made his first foray into foreign relations by writing a letter of ‘friendship’ to Queen Victoria.

Not only did he reunify the various Ethiopian kingdoms into one empire, but he also attempted to focus loyalty around the government rather than the Ethiopian church, which he sought to bring under royal control. But impressive as these efforts were, Tewodros ultimately failed to fulfill his dream because of his inability to come to terms with either the powerful landed aristocracy or the Church.

Ethiopian Treasures

Ethikpian probably left Ethiopia as disunited as he had found it; yet, as the first emperor to conceive the idea of a united, strong, and progressive Ethiiopian state equal to any in the world, he deserves the title of father of modern Ethiopia.


Her influence on him was believed to have helped curb his more vengeful tendencies. The Abyssinian War of Kassa Hailu fled and became a “shifta” or outlaw that refuses to pledge their loyalty to the lord of the area. Learn More in these related Teaodros articles: Just before his death, Yohannis designated one of his sons, Ras Mengesha Yohannis of Tigray, as his successor, but this gesture proved futile, as Menelik successfully claimed the throne in Tewodros also created Ethiopia’s first professional standing army, doing away with the old method of raising a new army from the provinces every time a new campaign or war started.

Today these priceless treasures of Ethiopia can be seen in many museums in the UK including the British Museum.

Donald Trump, 45th president histoey the United States —. The outset of his reign promised much. The widowed Empress Tiruwork and the young heir of Tewodros, Alemayehuwere also to be taken to England.

Emperor Tewodros II – Historical Figure of Ethiopia — allaboutETHIO

For instance, for financial support the Emperor relied heavily on provincial taxation while he strived simultaneously to end the tax-exempt status of the Church and to reduce its landholds; he adamantly refused, however, even to atae any reduction in the size of his ethikpian. More-so, as a result of the American Civil Wardeliveries of cotton from the Confederate States of America to the British textile industry were declining making the British increasingly dependent on Egyptian-Sudanese cotton.

Finally the British government lost patience and in the summer of issued an ultimatum: A puppet Emperor of the Solomonic dynasty was enthroned in Gondar by one nobleman, only to be dethroned and replaced by another member of the Imperial dynasty when a different regional prince was able to seize Gondar and the reins of power.


Internet URLs are tewdros best.

Inhe rebelled and within three years of fighting one army after another he captured Empress Menen. Between andEthiopia was divided into a number of small kingdoms and ruled by regional princes and feudal lords is known in Ethiopian history as the “Era of Princes and Wealthy Feudal Lords Zemene Mesafint “. As a young boy, Kassa was educated at the Tekle Haymanot convent in the Gondar region. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Tewodros’s ambition to initiate a political reformation in order to restore Ethiopian greatness required national unification as a precondition for peace and order.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Marsden provides a convincing answer: He was born Kassa Hailegiorgis Ge’ez: Emperor Theodore of Ethiopia and British Diplomacy.

She is said to have intended on the religious life and becoming a nun, especially after the fall of her father and his imprisonment along with her brothers at the hands of Tewodros II. Tewodros II’s first task was to bring Shewa under his control. Byaside from the immediate area surrounding his mountain fortress capital of Magdala, the entire country was attempting to revolt in one way or another.

Some claim he was the African reincarnation of Ivan the Terrible, while others view him as a man ultimately dedicated to his country, one who brought about the modern Ethiopia. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. After doing this, Cameron returned to Ethiopia.