Innovative and self-directed, EXPERIMENTS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRYFEATURING MEASURENET, 2nd Edition prepares students for the laboratory setting by. Experiments in General Chemistry Featuring MeasureNet Guided Inquiry, Self- Directed, and Capstone Second Edition Bobby Stanton University of Georgia Lin . Innovative and self-directed, EXPERIMENTS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY: FEATURING MEASURENET, 2nd Edition prepares students for the.

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Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet

Determination of the Specific Heat of a Solid 7. Water Sample 1 nm nm Intensity nm and nm nm Wavelength, nm Identity of metal ions in unknown water sample 1. The complexing agent produces a solution that is more intensely colored than the original ion solution. To enhance this effect, frequently a transition metal ion must be mixed with a complexing agent to enhance its ability to absorb light. Often chemists must separate the individual components of a mixture to identify and characterize each component.

This experiment encompasses all techniques, skills, concepts, and principles learned in a two semester general chemistry laboratory course.

Remove the thermometer from the test tube containing the hot solid.

Second, as the path length of the light through the solution is increased determined by the width of the cuvettemore light is absorbed. Identify the unknown compound. Inn File Options, then press F3 to save the scan.


The spot size should be less than 1mm 10 cm 15 cm 3 cm Figure 3 Chromatography Paper Preparation red green blue black 1. In the course of the reaction, each potassium atom loses one electron and is oxidized K! Absorption of light by a metal ion promotes an electron from its ground featyring to an excited state see Figure 1.

Do not splash water from featring calorimeter as the solid sample is added. Should your observations be recorded in the Lab Report? By assigning oxidation numbers to each atom involved in a chemical reaction, we can monitor the electron transfer that occurs. Remove the pH electrode from the 7. Add four drops of 0. Warm objects cause convection currents around the balance that may cause erroneous readings.

Carefully observe the mixtures in each test tube for any evidence of reaction.

Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet

When digestion is complete, let the solutions cool to room temperature. Based on your observations from Step 6, indicate whether the compound is a chloride, sulfate, or carbonate compound.

At the end geberal your laboratory session, return all reagents and equipments to their proper places and clean your work area. Use only four drops of each solution for each reaction.

Use this information and Eq. Should the exact mass of the unknown mixture, crucible and lid be determined?


Determine the density of the salt solution. Sketch the graduated cylinder containing the liquids.

I am not required to wear safety hcemistry while in the laboratory unless I am actually performing an experiment. The white precipitate did not dissolve. Metal ion contamination in human water supplies is especially problematic in areas where metal ore mining has occurred. As the solvent moves up the paper, the substances separate.

The pictured graduated cylinder is calibrated to 0. Bring the water to a gentle boil. General rules for the solubilities of ionic compounds in water are provided in Table 3 of Experiment 7. Should chemicals contact your skin, wash the affected area with copious quantities of water and report the incident to your laboratory instructor. Automobiles also mrasurenet metal ions that may end up in rainwater run-off and make their way into drinking water supplies.

Hydrochloric acid is very corrosive. How many emission spectra should be included in your Lab Report when it is submitted to your instructor?