Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Absalom, Absalom!. It helps middle and high school students understand William Faulkner’s literary. Absalom! Absalom! is William Faulkner’s major work–his most important and ambitious contribution to American literature. In the dramatic texture of this story of. : ¡Absalón, Absalón! / Absalom, Absalom! (Spanish Edition) ( ): William Faulkner, Beatriz Florencia Nelson: Books.

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It is all well and good for Faulkner to critique the racism of the South but, I think, he only truly focuses that criticism on the belief that a drop of negro blood is sufficient to remove an individual from society.

Trivia About Absalom, Absalom! He watched the plantation owner lying in a hammock with his shoes off while a slave fanned him.

Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner

Here Rosa Coldfield recounts her reactions upon arriving on the scene where Bon has been killed, realizing she had dreams of love for him herself: Faulkner might disagree with Nietzsche on importance of soft values, but he is in complete agreement about something else later said: The same story is told by different narrators focusing on different aspects, and they are all biased and often end up in speculations, in fact much of it is speculation by people who had little, or in one case nothing to do with characters.

Yet, this is a love story, as Salinger wrote in Franny and Zooey “pure and complicated” And in a sense I think that is the most important part, that these multi-page sentences, the spiraling plot, the description and re-description and re-description again of the very air surrounding the events of the story are the closest I have ever seen to being wholly purely, truly, complicated.

Why does the past have such hallucinatory power for Quentin? Each one of these four voices – which at some point are all narrators of the story – have some knowledge of what happened in certain periods of time.


I was nearly stammering when I finished it. Henry and Bon join the University Grays formed at Oxford and head to war, with the belief that all the South held that defeat was impossible.

Absalom, Absalom! – Wikipedia

Faulkner spent brief periods of time in the literary capitals of the s, Paris and New York; in New Orleans in he met Sherwood Anderson, who encouraged him to try writing fiction. If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: At the top was Thomas Sutpen, originally named Charles.

Henry repudiates his father and flees; ultimately Sutpen, with his plantation in ruins after the Civil War, is reduced to selling trinkets in a backwoods general store. This is an extraordinary novel and I’m in awe of Faulkner’s writing. Mystery and strength entice no matter how shadowy and undignified An enigmatic, nameless nightmare crawls silently out of the southern swamps and declares itself gentry.

Lists with This Book.

View all 34 comments. How does each teller affect your response? He goes to colonial Haiti and marries the daughter of a plantation owner he has saved from death during the slave revolt there, but he abandons his wife and newborn son, Absalo Bon, when he learns that his wife has a strain of Negro blood.

View all 52 comments. This results in a peeling-back-the-onion revelation of the true story of the Sutpens.

By using various narrators expressing their interpretations, the novel alludes to the historical cultural zeitgeist of Faulkner’s South, where the past is always present and fwulkner in states of revision by the people who tell and retell the story over time; it thus also explores the process of myth-making and the questioning of truth. His first undisputed masterpiece, The Sound and the Furycame out in and was followed by another masterpiece, As I Lay Dyingin How does this technique affect your ability to believe in the worlds that exist in these novels?


His anger seems more directed towards those who would deny an ostensibly “white” i. I can’t give this novel any less than five stars.

Absalom, Absalom!

Why might Faulkner have chosen such a challenging fxulkner form, despite the difficulties it presents for his readers?

View all 26 comments. Your avatar on this journey is a cipher of a character named Quentin from a point in time 60 plus years later. Sutpen’s failures necessarily reflect the weaknesses of an idealistic South.

Create reciprocal ACE blurbs. Through Grandfather and Father Compson we learn that Sutpen had come from the mountains of western Virginia, from a poverty stricken family. His curse lives on, and on, and on, way beyond the magnetic closing lines, answering the question put to Quentin, why he hates the South: Come si fa a commentarlo?

If you can relax enough you might find yourself sitting on the porch with Quentin and hearing the Southern cadences of the voices of the people narrating this tale. Finally, Quentin relates the story to his roommate Shreve, and in each retelling, the reader receives more details as the parties flesh out the story by adding layers.

I usually don’t find it so difficult to write about my reaction to a novel. One lawyer colleague of mine has as his motto, “Perception is reality.