For Dry Ice Shipments use the ‘Expanded Service International Air Waybill’ form ONLY. 1. your phone number and your FedEx account number (if applicable). FedEx Express International Air Waybill Tracking No(s). Tax ID No. OPTIONAL information in the Broker Selection section of the FedEx┬« Expanded Service. Use the FedEx Expanded Service International Air Waybill for shipping.

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If the consignee or any third party indicated by the shipper on the Air Waybill to pay internatioanl duties and taxes fails to do so, the shipper is responsible for payment. They will drop off the filled cylinders in the same area when you dropped off the empty tanks. Ship only on Monday to avoid a weekend disaster if shipment is delayed wayvill customs, weather, or airport issues.

Enter the selling price or fair market value even if not sold or for resale of your shipment contents. Record the amount in the dry ice book in Chem Stores.

Expanded Service International Air Waybill | FedEx Singapore

Total declared value for Carriage: Total Declared Value for Customs Declaration to Customs for determination of applicable duties and taxes: Please make sure that you do not write on the stickers as they MUST not be written on. Your Internal Billing Reference To help with your records, use this optional area for your internal shipping numbers or codes.

Get your dry ice instructions on getting dry ice below. Get your ice, and weigh the box again and figure out the total weight of dry ice taken. If you are shipping internationally, make sure the receiver has sent you the appropriate importation documents to include. Shipment Information Commodity Description: Additional Information Please sign on the Sender’s Acknowledgment, remove the sender’s copy and place the remaining copies with your shipment.


Make sure to check boxes indicating you want email confirmation. We’ll print the first 24 characters on your invoice. Bring the samples and all the paperwork to Stores for pickup. Tell them you want medical grade O 2 in small bottle size and tell them the quantity. The recipient will need this information 48 hours prior to arrival or their Customs may not release the package in time to save the fish. Tell them that room temperature is fine. Keep fish cool in pails or coolers by the lake.

Note that Chem stores closes for lunch between Ship live fish and eggs by air 1.

Tick the appropriate box to choose the special service needed. List each commodity separately. Avoid crowding, and exchange the water frequently using lake water to maximize water quality. If you are shipping internationally, specimens might get held up at customs. See link on this intrrnational for instructions on how intednational fill the oxygen tank.

Go to the DHL web site and fill out a waybill. Place bottles vertically into cooler best if you have a stand for this purpose.

The amount must be: Redex the Commercial Invoice for any description details that don’t fit on the air waybill. Must not exceed the “Total Value for Customs” amount. Bubble oxygen into the water for a minute and then seal bag or bottle tightly.

You may have to dump some water out when the bag starts to fill up with water.

FedEx Expanded Service Int’l Air WayBill

Tape a plastic window envelope to the top of the box. Place one clutch of eggs into a single falcon tube half-filled with clean lake water preferable or dechlorinated tap water. Or, download and print the warning label and tape it onto the aiir. To purchase, make sure you know the speed code to pay for the dry ice.


FedEx – International Air Waybill

Add your address details, phone and FedEx account number. Ship on Monday to avoid a weekend disaster if the shipment is delayed by customs, weather, or airport issues. Bill Transportation Charges Select a method of payment and provide the appropriate FedEx Express account number or credit card number.

Then dump fish into the tank.

waynill Bring the fish to the cargo office the night before the flight, or in expaded morning at least 2 hours prior to flight time. Place bottles vertically into cooler. They might want to know the name and address of the recipient at this time. To help with your records, use this optional area for your internal shipping numbers or codes. Wrap the freezer packs or ice bag in towels or newspaper so that ice and cold packs are not in contact with the water.

If the shipper fails to indicate on the Air Waybill the payer of duties and taxes, the consignee will automatically be billed for such charges. Bring the following information and documentation to the airport.

Indicate your choice of service. If recipient or third party fails to pay transportation charges, the sender is responsible for payment. An example letter is available here. Weight – is the total weight of your shipment including packaging.

Once you enter the Chemistry building, directly in front on the right is the expansed which you take down to the bottom floor. In the case of fish specimens, line the box with damp towels to prevent them drying out.