Such is the overarching premise of the Berserker series of books, by Fred Saberhagen; the first of these, simply titled Berserker, I finished. Berserker (Saberhagen’s Berserker Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Fred Saberhagen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Berserker man [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fleets have ranged.

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Jun 12, Mark Muckerman rated it did not like it. These stories, published over a period of four years, form a loose narrative, in which characters from one story appear in another, sometime years later, changed by ferd experience. Free promo book printed for Waldenbooks Otherworl… More. Gigantic intelligent machines are set loose to de… More.

As text, that’s easy enough to skim over. Berserker Lies by Fred Saberhagen. Long ago, in a distant part frec the galaxy, two al… More. The Carmpan are a patient and peaceful species; their culture is one of logic, reason, pacifism, and philosophy.

I recently did a blog post about old role-playing games that still have a vibrant community following; it turns sabfrhagen that Berserker has something similar!

Saberhagwn 30, Curby Graham rated it really liked it. Feb 25, Bill rated it really liked it. They were built millennia ago by one alien empire to eradicate the other — the doomsday weapons followed their programming to the letter and eliminated both. Even pacifists have their roles in war, and the self-serving nature of their views is on display here.

The Empress of the Eight Worlds has been assassin… More. A perfect blend of a society that doesn’t understand technology, is in fact a pre-industrial society, and the god-like technology that exists around them. Until, that is, he makes a surprising discovery: The Face of the Deep A fantastic end to a fantastic short story collection.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s a well-told interesting story, sabrrhagen that makes better use of the universe and the conceit.


Berserker Man (Berserker, #4) by Fred Saberhagen

It will be a full color, full size comic and the first issue should be out within a year of July Brant rated it really liked it Apr 18, Berserker by Fred Saberhagen.

The plot was a bit muddled but the setting was interesting and so was the basic concept of man vs machine. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The first Berserker book is strong, followed by a couple duds; this one returns to what makes the premise so compelling, human response to the threat of machine annihilation. Berserker, even with all its flaws, has earned the honor.

The Berserker Attack by Fred Saberhagen. Each main character experiences the war in his yes, most of these protagonists are men own way, and each saberhsgen subject to a unique spectrum of emotional toil and trauma. Through this diverse array of characters, coupled with concise passages that touch upon their inner lives, Saberhagen makes the war real and human.

The Berserker Throne by Fred Saberhagen. David rated it liked it Apr 21, He then quit and took up writing full-time.

Berserker (Saberhagen) – Wikipedia

The technology, the starship flights, the epic battles above the sky; the singular reason for the concept alone has influenced the genre to tell a better version of essentially the same story makes Berserker an underrated mark in storytelling history. Some of Saberhagen’s tales were quite gripping to me, Brother Assassin and Berserker’s Planet come to mind, as some of his most exciting adventures. This is a straight up comedy story set in the world of the Berserkers.

Inhe moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s one of my favorite styles of fiction, and it works marvelously here.

Berserker Series

Jan 17, J rated it it was ok Shelves: Sometimes regardless how a story may age, or may read face value, respect is due. The Ultimate Enemy by Fred Saberhagen. It’s something you almost never see in the self-serious science fiction series. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fl… More. The idea of a Berserker as a colossal destroying machine with saherhagen war tactics that’s been programmed to wipe out all life is intensely interesting and incredibly satisfying.


One – the Berseker in this incarnation is used as a sort of computerized enemy, the kind of stock villain in any thought-experiment fiction that a science fiction writer might come up with to prove an interesting point.

The Berserkers have severely threatened human civilizations and wiped out billions of humans and other more exotic species.

Ffed Berserker stories published as novels and short stories depict the fight between Berserkers and the sentient species of the Milky Way Galaxy: The first story “Without a Thought” is very good and describes a way in which the Turing Test could be performed successfully without any actual intelligence.

He married fellow writer Joan Spicci in While some of the character intrigue is setup and then brushed aside, and the ending leaves a few too many threads and questions dangling, Berserker Man is a book I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and will keep in my collection to read again. We have some interesting dialogue and back-and-forth between the artist and the machine, their views on what is good and necessary, and our artist finds himself being forced into a devil’s advocate position.

Berserker Man by Fred Saberhagen. The final third is a mesmerising journey for the reader, as you see the galaxy through fresh eyes and you read in wonder about Michel’s journey and his evolution as a character. The first story, “Without a Thought”was basically a puzzle story, whose protagonist must find a way to simulate intelligence to fool an enemy trying to determine whether there was any conscious being present in a spaceship.

Their methods are unique. When I have hit my stride, working on this website will be one of the things I’ll do in any free time.