Fusoos-ul-Hikam by Ibn Arabi – Urdu translation. Fawaid ul Fuad -Urdu- Nizam ad din aulia فوائد الفواد خواجہ نظام الدین دہلی. Download Urdu Book. Muqadma. Fusoos-ul-Hikam (ringstones of wisdom) is one of the most famous books of Shaykh-ul-Akbar Ibn Arabi. It contains 27 Fusoos (chapters) each. Futuhat-ul-Makkiyyah By Shaykh-ul-Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi. Translated in Kulliyat-e Saim Chishti, collection of Punjabi naats · Fusoos-ul-Hikam (Urdu).

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– Futuhat-ul-Makkiyyah Part 1 (Urdu)

Four small works of the Shaikh have been translated Lahore: Fusu this item 1 2 3 4 5 21 votes. The translations appeared as tracts of pages each.

hl Most probably it was due to lack of readership that the project was abandoned after 30 chapters had been translated. Sunday, 01 April For most of the early chapters extensive commentaries are provided but in a manner that makes it difficult to differentiate between translation and commentary.

Shaykh Abd ar-Rashid Mujaddidi Naqshbandi Shaykh Muhammad Mazhar Mujaddidi Naqshbandi d. Read times Last modified on Sunday, 01 April Compared to other languages, however, work in Urdu is hiiam.


Anyway, this is the most accurate translation so far and has served as a foundation for later attempts.

Fusoos-ul-Hikam by Ibn Arabi – Urdu translation – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

This work is completely unreliable. Return to the top of the page UK: The volume containing the first two chapters appeared in It contains 27 Fusoos chapters each dedicated to an Islamic Prophet and his story, fisus takes spiritual meanings from that story.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. The translation and commentary is based on the orthodox Sunni Islamic principles and was written to form a textbook for the students of Islamic knowledge in Osmania University Hyderabad India.

Fusoos-ul-Hikam by Ibn Arabi – Urdu translation

One can only wish for the completion of this project. Hhikam Muhammad Umar Mujaddidi Naqshbandi The translation is superb and scholarly by one of the great Sufi scholars of 20th century Maulana Abdul Qadeer Siddiqi, who has explained the basic theme of each story before the start of each chapter.

FaLang translation system by Faboba. First, the national poet-philosopher, Iqbalhad an ambivalent intellectual relation to the Shaikh and his major fusjs contribution is considered a reaction against what he made out of him.


The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society

Like us on Facebook. As its language is a bit archaic, this work must be presented in contemporary jargon.

This translation equals Fadhl’s in accuracy but is more accessible as the language used is contemporary. Tagged under Urdu ibn arabi Fusoos Hiksm. Mawlana Sayyid Abdus-Salam Haswi d.

The introduction contains a biographical sketch, defence of the Shaikh and explanation of the basic concepts of his thought. Latest blog posts Mawlana Waliyunnabi Mujaddidi Naqshbandi d.

By Sayyid Nizamuddin Balkhi. More in this category: He has written a very good introduction in which he has tried to extenuate the Shaikh from charges of unorthodoxy. Third, a major part of the polemic on Sufism focuses on the Shaikh. Though the worth of this contribution remains to be seen, the translation seems rather careless at certain crucial points.

The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society.