The Gayatri (Sanskrit: गायत्री, gāyatrī) is a Vedic hymn personifying Hindu goddess Gayatri. According to I. K. Taimni, the power of the. I. K. Taimni (Iqbal Kishen Taimni, –) was a Professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad Gayatri; Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga; Man, God and the Universe · Science and Occultism · The Science of Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of . Results 1 – 17 of 17 GAYATRI. La pratique religieuse journalière des hindous by I-K Taimni and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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The required notes may be produced by the different wires but if they are not taimnu attuned to one another the total effect will be discord and not music.

In their spiritual aspect which is above time and space they are all parts of the one Saguna Brahman, cells in His all-embracing transcendent consciousness.

In these cases the Devata of the mantra is that particular manifestation of Divine consciousness who administers that power. In fact, this kind of attitude is not only permissible but highly desirable because it raises the mind to a higher level.

The Anahata iabda unstruck sound heard by the sadhakas of certain schools of mysticism is such a vibration. The subtler worlds sukshma lokas to which reference is frequently made in our religious literature were also found on thorough investigation to be based on vibrations and energies of various kinds.

Refresh and try again. An insect crawling on the Himalayas has comparatively a greater significance from the purely physical point of view. All real knowledge has disappeared or has been withdrawn by the Rishis considering the conditions prevailing in Kali Yuga and all that is left is twimni set of rules of grammar.

One habit of these second-class producers is particularly deceptive. That particular Adept who has discovered or constructed a mantra after the necessary investigation or practice of devout austerities tapasya is called the Rishi of that particular mantra.

Which is the greatest purifier, the greatest source of all kinds of physical energies on the physical plane? In fact, in some cases the intellectual understanding can outstrip real perception to such an extent that the two seem to be bayatri independent of one another and to work in two water-tight compartments of our mind. We Hindus are apt to underrate the power tzimni prayer in the unfoldment of spiritual gayxtri.

The Gayatri mantra, which is the chief element in Gayatri upasana or satndhya as it is twimni called, occurs in all the four Vedas and also in the Tantras and is referred to in gxyatri terms by many Rishis and authors whose names are associated with the Hindu Scriptures. The word mantra is used in a still wider sense of a sacred text. The three forms of Gayatri have nothing to do with the powers used by the three Divinities in the exercise of their normal functions in the manifested universe.

Science has investigated and knows a lot about the physical aspects of the Sun and the solar system and all its researches tend gayari show that the Sun is the Centre of Life in the solar system and life in all stages is maintained by it directly or indirectly. The light which comes out of the outermost globe is derived from and is an expression of the innermost light of the bulb but it is a very limited expression and can hardly give any idea regarding the brilliant and pure white gayatti which is hidden at the centre.


Man is merely a small lump of flesh and bones living on a distant planet for a few years and then disappearing into utter nothingness and oblivion. I daksindmurtaye vidmahe dhyanasthaya dhimahi tanno dhisah pracodaydt.

Gayatri: The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus by I.K. Taimni

But if he is determined to reach his goal through the help of Mantra Yoga alone something more is needed and this consists in transcending the idea which exists on the mental plane and coming into touch with the reality behind the mantra which is beyond the realm of the mind. This happens generally when any spiritual tradition passes into the hands of mere priests who are interested in keeping their hold on the followers and being considered as the sole custodians of Divine Wisdom.

Taimni had a distinguished academic career throughout, and was First class First student and a Gold Medalist. He sets out to regain the direct awareness of this unity and with this purpose in view, intensifies his aspiration to be free or mumuksutva. He who does nothing gets nothing not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world.

The more we identify ourselves with matter the more we sink into matter and become slaves of our vehicles and our environment. The third important factor is the tuning of the instrument, the harmonization of the notes with one another.

It is mentioned in the Puranas that Vritra, the enemy of Indra, because he uttered a mantra with a wrong intonation.

While the importance of Yoga in this field is recognized, the necessity of character-building and upasana is not usually appreciated in sufficient degree and aspirants are exhorted to enter the path of Yoga without any preparation whatsoever. The purpose of these as already pointed out is to arouse the spiritual powers which are latent in the heart of every human being and which can be changed from the potential to the active form by the potency inherent in sound. It will be seen that in all these dissimilar conditions the same essential process takes place and the principle behind the process is known as agni.

I. K. Taimni

There is a story given in the Chandogyopanisad which serves to throw some light on the nature of the three Mahd Vyahritis and shows how these are related not only to the three lowest planes of the 78 GAYATRI solar system and their Devatas but also to the three corresponding tattvas and the three Vedas. The sddhaka identifies himself with all human beings in invoking Savita and in a way already assumes the unity which he wants to experience directly.


The manifested universe is full of an infinite number and variety of forms which we cognize with our sense-organs, physical or superphysical. We can catch any set of waves to which we can tune ourselves.

Gayatri: The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus

In fact, he and the spiritual Sun hidden behind the physical Sun are in a mysterious and yet very real way one. A few words may also be said about the word dhvnahi. Each of these forms is produced by vibration and can be changed by changing the vibration.

The consciousness of the Rishis of certain mantras functions at still higher levels. Then he releases the arrow whereby the energy stored up in the string is transferred to the arrow which flies to its mark.

There should also be no difficulty in understanding why the Devata of the first Malta Vyahriti is Agni. Since Enlightenment may be considered as an expression of consciousness without being unduly hampered and obscured by its vehicles, sadhana for attaining the state of Enlightenment must be primarily concerned with the reorganization and purification of the vehicles.

Not only does it lead to unlimited vistas of knowledge but it provides the only means of release from the Great Illusion in which human beings are involved and by which they are bound to the wheel of births and deaths with its attendant miseries.

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Nor is it necessary to have this degree of tremendous urge before taking up the practice of japa. Taijni passing through the different globes the light will come out of the outermost globe in a very dim and denuded form. Although on the higher spiritual planes the Jivatma is aware of his true nature which is indicated by the phrase Sat-Chit-Ananda Being-Gonsciousness-Blisseach descent into the lower planes limits and takmni to a greater extent his consciousness, so that on the physical plane which is the lowest his limitations are the greatest possible and the awareness of his divine nature is absent.

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It must be subjected to a tension and the tension must be very finely adjusted in order to bring out a definite note. This relation between the three is rooted in the primary process of manifestation from Reality and therefore difficult to faimni by the illusion-bound intellect.

When the words and their meanings called sabda in pass completely into the background and the idea alone occupies the field of consciousness, the stage referred to in the last paragraph is attained. Unfoldment of human consciousness when carried to a certain stage helps us to come in contact, through the deeper levels of our own consciousness, with the Universal Mind in which all knowledge gayatrl the Vedas are contained.

Mental japa has many stages.