Tehnici de biolo gie moleculară – principii şi ap licaţii practice 7 V.1 Metoda chimică F. () Genetica microorganismelor şi inginerie genetică microbiană. Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Secţiunea Genetică şi Biologie Moleculară, TOM X, CONTENT. Elena Truţă, Ştefania Surdu. (cursuri de zi) (4 semestre): Domeniul specializării: BIOLOGIE – Conservarea biodiversității; – Biotehnologii microbiene și celulare; – Genetică moleculară;.

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Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria can inhibit the in vitro germination of Glycine max L.

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geetica Early biochemical responses of Brassica napus var Exagone seed germination at salt treatment Author s: Some biochemical indicators of the amniotic fluid – possible way for evaluation of the renal development Author s: Editura Universitatii Alexandru Ioan Cuza. A preliminary analysis of the aspartateaminotransferase isozymes in Gleditsia triacanthos and Robinia pseudacacia germinating seeds Author s: Preliminary study concerning the radiofrequency electromagnetic field influence on the catalase activity in the Hippophae rhamnoides seeds germination Author ggenetica Woods Costel Darie Volume: Environmental effects and genotypic variability of fishes Author s: Ciprian Mandrescu Gogu Ghiorghita Volume: Elena Tutu Elena Ciornea Volume: Studies regarding cellulolytic enzymes production by bacterial molecukara isolated from natural environments, grown in liquid media with raw and pretreated sawdust Author s: The effect of saline stress on activity of some antioxidative enzymes during wheat seed germination Author s: Gdnetica parasite on wheat Author s: Modification of some biochemical parameters and of the concentration of some serum ions in Cyprinus carpio L.


The cytogenetic effects of treating the hot chilli pepper Capsicum annuum L.

The citogenetic effects of treating millet Panicum miliaceum L. On the dynamics of the activity of some enzymes involved in the glucidic metabolism in Sorghum sudanense and Sorghum vulgare during the germination period Mlleculara s: New photosensitizers versus aminolevulinic acid ala in experimental photodynamic therapy of actinic keratosis — A case report Author s: Comparative study of behaviour of some biochemical parameters in different phenophases of seabuckthorn cultivars Author s: Anca Negura Lucian Negura Volume: The preliminary cytogenetic investigations in Rana ridibunda Pall.

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Adult type granulosa cell molfculara – morphological features Author s: Experimental study regarding the effects of a hyperlipidemic diet under estrogen deficiency Author s: Modulation of the captopril interference with the activity of some enzymatic biomolecules in monkey kidney vero cells by drug delivery mesoporous silica system Author s: Oxydoreductase activity of the some fungi harvesting from different Calimani National Park areas Author s: Early effect of NaCl treatment on the protein content in the seedling of three wheat cultivar Author s: Some effects induced by the hydroalcoholic extract of Trifolii rubri flos red clover flowers on Triticum aestivum l.

Study of the chemical composition of sweet sorghum stalks depleted in carbohydrates with applications in obtaining bioethanol Author s: Genettica of two podagrion species Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Torymidae and the evolution of high chromosome numbers in Chalcidoidea Author s: The testing of some organic supports for yeasts immobilization technology used in sparkling wine production Author s: Acute pancreatitis in children: Chromosomes of two parasitic wasps of the family Encyrtidae Hymenoptera: Effects induced by singular and combined treatments with gamma radiation and flavonoid compounds on Triticum aestivum L Author s: Andreea Andrei Marius Mihasan Volume: