The lifetime teaching of Dogen can be found in one phrase: Genjo koan, says Nishiari Bokusan, the late head of the Soto school. : Dogen’s Genjo Koan: Three Commentaries (): Eihei Dogen, Nishiari Bokusan, Shohaku Okamura, Shunryu Suzuki, Sojun Mel. When Eihei Dogen compiled Shobogenzo, his collection of essays, he put the Genjo Koan first. The Genjo Koan, written by Dogen for a lay person, is his.

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Furthermore, if you have the right practice and return to your origin then you will see that all things have no permanent self.

The deeper the moonlight reflected in the water, the higher the moon itself. All things are so.

When you first seek dharma, you imagine you are far away from its environs. There are such matters as practice-authentication and long and short lives. We do not think that winter becomes spring, and we do not say that spring becomes summer. The moon does not get wet, the water is not disturbed.

If the bird leaves the air it will die at once. Geenjo and Lama Govinda. When all things are the Buddha Dharma, there is illusion and enlightenment, practice, birth, death, Buddhas, and sentient beings. Yet, do not suppose that the ash is future and the firewood past. Just as enlightenment does not hinder man, the moon does not hinder the water.

We do not call winter the future spring, nor spring the future summer. But as far as our human eyes can see, it only appears to be round. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. In this there is a place where the path has been accomplished, hence the unknowability of the known boundary is born together and studies along with the thorough investigation of the Buddha Teaching of this knowing—therefore it is thus.


Besides these [ideas], you can probably think of others. To study Buddhism is to study the self. If the body and mind are replete with the Teaching, in one respect one senses insufficiency.

Zen in daily life

genmo Join us in our effort to be a quiet, powerful force for a better world. When people first seek the Teaching, they are far from the bounds of the Teaching. Ashes as ashes have after and before. The experience of the ultimate state is realized at once, but a mystical something does not always manifest itself.

And in our study of all things we must appreciate that although they may look round or square, the other features of oceans or mountains are infinite in variety, and universes lies in all squares [quarters].

If a person, when he is riding along in a boat, looks around and sees the shore, he mistakenly thinks that the bank is moving.

Moreover, there are those who are enlightened within enlightenment and those who are deluded within delusion. Some people are always trying to discover some particular way for themselves. For instance, it is like winter and spring. English Choose a language for shopping. You must understand that a burning log—as a burning log—has before and after. In this way, no creature ever fails to realize its own completeness; wherever it is, it functions freely.


The Soto sect lays stress on daily life; it believes that the Koan should be expressed in our daily activities. Fukan Zazengi guidelines for zazen practice The current page: A person’s becoming enlightened is like the reflection of the moon in water. They are neither self nor other, and they neither exist from the beginning nor originate right now. It only look circular as far as you can see at that time.

Zen in Daily life / Genjo Koan

The most comprehensive, authoritative, penetrating presentation of Genjokoan you will ever find, illuminated by Zen masters across the centuries. Ash, in the normative state of ash, has before and after. We must realize that this inexhaustible store is present not only all around us, it is present right beneath out feet and within a single drop of water.

Through body and mind we can comprehend the form and sound of things. But we are enlightened Buddhas and express the Buddha in daily life. You can go further.

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Because it include everything, it is independent being.