The range of hydraulic governors included in the HEINZMANN portfolio by REGULATEURS EUROPA is built on 60 years of experience in hydraulic governing. For more than years, HEINZMANN has been developing and manufacturing high-performance actuators. The portfolio encompasses electric actuators for. REGULATEURS EUROPA Governors & Hydraulic Actuators ______ 38 For every application – road, rail, marine or stationary – HEINZMANN has the control .

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Medium and high speed diesel enginesSteam turbines Gensets Rail Traction Data Sheet G Proportional actuator with output range of 8, 12, 15, 25, 34 or 40 ft.

With our heinzmanb technologies and dedicated technicians, our staff is able to ease the pain of any repair service order. All the items sent to us for repairs are repaired all in-house.

Synchronics Provides Expert Electronic Repairs For Heinzmann,Speed Governor

Medium and large diesel engines Gensets Marine. Diesel engines Gas Engines Gensets Heavy-duty vehicles. Customers in the industrial, marine and rail traction sector acknowledge these actuators for high reliability and durability along with excellent performance.

Manual E governor digital. Medium and high-speed diesel engines Steam turbines Gensets. Diesel engines Gas engines Gensets Pump drives.

Data Sheet StG 3. Medium and high speed diesel enginesSteam turbines. Data Sheet DC 8. Proportional actuator with output range of 60 or 80 ft. Diesel engines Gas Engines Turbines. We have unique way of repairing the products through Reverse Engineering Method Tracing each and every track on the PCB and developing a circuit diagram based on that which helps us understand the problem to the root level and rectify it.


Governors heinzmann – regulateur europa

Combined with the appropriate actuator, HEINZMANN control units make up high-quality governor systems for diesel engines, gas ehinzmann, dual fuel engines and gas turbines, water turbines, steam turbines.

Option for electrically operated stop, start fuel limiter or boost pressure fuel limiter Output range: Recognised for their fast and precise performance, HEINZMANN actuators are robust and operate reliably – reflecting the highest quality demands we make on our products. All the items that we receive are evaluated first before determining the repairing price.

Dual-fuel engines can be controlled using a combination of both diesel and gas injection components. Low current version of DC 6, combined with small actuators requiring drive currents up to mA, suitable for proportional electro-mechanical actuators, operating as positioner Power govfrnor The portfolio encompasses electric actuators for any type of engine, for original fitting just like for retrofitting.

Thank you for the services given at the time of crisis.


Hydraulic governor, providing mechanical speed control of high-speed gocernor, with options to provide electrical or pneumatic speed control and boost pressure fuel limitation. Data Sheet DC At Synchronics Electronics Pvt. We have a massive inventory of Electronic Components at our works with which we are able to repair thousands of products every year. We do not outsource our work to any other Electronic repairing agency or Instrumentation freelancer.


Option for electrically operated stop, start fuel limiter or boost pressure fuel limiter. Small proportional actuator with output of 4. Installation on the engine is simple and cost efficient.

Data Sheet StG Popular hydraulic governor, providing mechanical speed control of diesel or steam turbine driven gensets. Diesel engines, Gas engines, Turbines.

As a leader in repair industry we are always willing to do business in most processional and courteous manner. Enables infinitely variable speed control from a command lever thanks to its stepper motordrive module. Medium and high-speed diesel engines Steam turbines.

Diesel engines, Gas engines, Dual fuel engines.

Popular actuator model for marine propulsion engines and other applications where common mode failures must be minimised. Gas turbines Steam turbines Water turbines. Medium speed diesel engines Gensets Marine. Available in a wide range, these speed governors are perfectly configurable in order to meet any application’s requirements.