Autofiction has ratings and 79 reviews. Edward said: Have you ever read a book and liked it but not known exactly why you like it? That’s kinda where. Snakes and Earrings (Originally published in Japan as Hebi ni Piasu). May 19, by Hitomi Kanehara and David Karashima. Autofiction [Hitomi Kanehara, David James Karashima] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rin is twenty-two, with a troubled adolescence.

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What did she find so attractive about him? Nevermind that the protagonist of that story engaged in body modification, giving herself a forked tongue at the end of the novel, and acted as an accessory-after-the-fact to murder.

Her Kanrhara book starts with an auto biographical theme inside the mind of a just married, insecure young woman called Rin.

Our ‘heroine’ Lui is complacent and one-dimensional, her boyfriend Ama and part-time lover Shiba-san are not much better, and the reader is left with the sense that the body modification and surrounding culture that this Ianehara me say this first – Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanechara is short.

Why should we care if she doesn’t care? The dialogue is choppy in a bad way.


At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Counter-culture in Japan The depiction of counter-culture in Japan is simply mesmerizing.

Some might consider it slightly offensive. As far as I know, piercers use a needle, not a gun.

Hitomi Kanehara

Rin just felt like a less developed version of Lui from Snakes and Earrings. View all 8 comments. Jan 28, Katya Becerra added it Shelves: I hope that Hitomi Kanehara controls her subconscious thoughts.


All I wanted was to be part of an underground world where the sun doesn’t shine, there are no serenades, and the sound of children’s laughter is never, ever heard.

Don’t kanehata most of the reviews – I don’t think it’s any sort of “portrait of the post-bubble Japan. Veliki bestseler u Japanu, u redu This is a masterpiece of a book.

It is a short read, about kanehar, but still very interesting. As she walks through that door, the floodgates of hell seem to open wide and the oncoming waters are bound to rush her into the abyss. All this talk about piercings and tattoos just doesn’t work on me as in: Maybe I’m not the intended audience? Jan 29, Nikki rated it really liked it.

She needs a tongue just like his. Though it is entirely possible that the translation is sufficient and t Edit: I mean, are we talking about these guys forcing themselves on these girls, or are they willing participants?

Prizewinning author Hitomi Kanehara’s sensational novel, Autofiction, follows Rin’s life backwards through time from this moment so that we hjtomi her when she is eighteen, sixteen and finally fifteen, and a picture of the dark heart and violent past of this disturbed young woman gradually develops.

And it made me feel that my tattoo, my forked tongue, my future were all empty of meaning as well.

Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

It’s funny, quirky, and at times dark, but it is never boring. Too long for a novella and too short for an epic piece of Literature, it makes for a captivating read and should be commended for its intense, rhythmic prose and vertiginous narrative. We live in a state of suspension from which nothing can shake us except fake emotions and convictions.

She is succesful, rich and pretty, she loves nice and handsome rich succesful young man Shin who deeply loves her and marry her.


Let me begin by being frank: Though, I couldn’t help but wonder how much was lost in translation. The second part was set when she was 18 and all I could get out of this was her wanting to be raped, and her talking to her vagina.

Hitomi Kanehara – Comma Press

Please try your request again later. But one is always interested in learning what goes on out there. As her thoughts spiral out of control the phrase ‘madly in love’ takes on a more sinister meaning. So I read on and waited for the good part but her gazillions of meaningless thoughts just occupied the whole damn book and ruined it. In Miller, Laura; Copeland, Rebecca. English Choose a language for shopping.

The main action of this novel by Hitomi Kanehara follows events in the lives of four men and women in their thirties as they grapple, each in his or her own way, with senses of loss or emptiness two years after the massive earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushi …. It became a chore to finish.

If you can’t handle sadism and masochism, please avoid this book. Discover some of ,anehara most interesting and trending topics of It is also reasonably engrossing read – I picked it up around midnight last night and finished it by 1: The protagonist’s thoughts reach moments of clarity, of sanity, like at the top of each loop, but they never seem to travel the same path twice.