Phylogenet. Evol., , suggested that it was likely a senior synonym of Hoplobatrachus rugulosus and that Ohler and Dubois intended to publish evidence. Descriptions and articles about the Asian Peters Frog, scientifically known as Hoplobatrachus rugulosus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Distr. Chinese Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosus) 虎紋蛙(田雞) 1, × ; KB Hoplobatrachus rugulosus from Minanga – ZooKeysgjpg.

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See accounts by Okada,Tailless Batr. See discussion of type locality by Zhao and Adler,Herpetol. Rana chinensis Osbeck,Reise Ostindien China: The domesticated Thai variety and wild Chinese populations of H. Means that the results of the search must include holobatrachus words held together by an AND.

For other frog species found in Taiwan, see Frogs of Taiwan. This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat See accounts by Yang,Amph. Rana Euphlyctis rugulosa — Dubois,Monit.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Yang,in Yang and Rao ed. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

See brief account and photo as Hoplobatrachus tigerinus by Manthey and Grossmann,Amph. Song, Jang, Zou, and Shi,Herpetol. Fei,Atlas Amph. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hoplobatrachus rugulosus. These frogs, though much smaller than their Western counterparts, are used by Chinese to cook frog legs and by Filipinos who cook them using the adobo method. Neotype from “near Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China”. Interprets this as “Lithobates AND pipiens” so will return all records that have the character string “Lithobates pipiens” anywhere within a record: See also brief account as Rana rugulosa by Zhao and Yang,Amph.


Recovers only records that contain the word Lithobates AND “Costa Rica”, but excludes any record that contains the word “forreri” in any part of the record: Not stated or known to exist.

Means that the results of the search will all records that have either of the terms held together by an OR. Blog Log of changes and additions, How to cite How to use History of the project Comments on version 5. Rugose Frog Chan-ard,Photograph. Guo, Yang, and Li,Colored Illust. Will find all uses of “. Its natural habitats are freshwater marshesintermittent freshwater marshes, arable landpasture land, rural gardens, urban areaspondsaquaculture ponds, open excavations, irrigated land, seasonally flooded agricultural land, and canals and ditches.

Fei and Ye,Color Handbook Amph. In the Hoplobatrachus tigerinus group of Dubois,Bull. Rana esculenta chinensis — Wolterstorff,Abh. Allows a partial letter string to be entered and implies either no or various extension on this letter string.


ZMBaccording to Peters,Monatsber. Gaulke,Herpetofauna Panay Island: Rana rugulosa — Annandale,Rec.

Zhang and Wen,Amph. The Chinese edible frogEast Asian bullfrogor Taiwanese frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosus is a species of frog in the Dicroglossidae family. For the vulnerable species of frog, see Chinese edible frog Quasipaa. For additional discussion see Lavilla,Cuad. The frogs are commonly found in wet markets, seafood markets, and pet stores. Huang,Fauna Zhejiang, Amph. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hoplobatrachus rugulosus

Synonymy with Hoplobatrachus tigerina by Boulenger,Rec. Interprets this as “Lithobates OR pipiens” so will find the union of all records that contain either “Lithobates” or “pipiens”: See Matsui,Contrib. They are primarily insectivores.

See comment under Dicroglossidae. Hoplobatrachus rugulosus Wiegmann, Class: Rana rugulosa Wiegmann,in Meyen ed. Dubois and Ohler, “”, Zool.